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96 SM harnesses EXOFIT VEST-STYLE HARNESS Ultra-soft edging and cushioned shoulders !! o Quick connect buckles provide one-handed operation !! o Breathable lining wicks moisture away !! o Meets all applicable standards including OSHA, AS/NZS and ANSI Z395 !! o Back D-ring !! o Reflective piping !! o Anti-tear ballistic nylon web !! o 420 lb. capacity EXOFIT NEX MINER'S HARNESS The ultimate full body comfort harness !! o Superior design wraps around wearer for non-tangle donning !! o Lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable padding !! o Repel webbing reduces the attraction of mold and dirt and is five times more abrasion-resistant !! o Revolver vertical torso adjusts for fast adjustments !! o Integrated trauma straps in the event of a fall !! o 420 lb. capacity !! o Miner's body belt/hip pad with equipment straps EXOFIT NEX CONSTRUCTION STYLE HARNESS Locking quick connect buckles, side and back D-rings, sewn hip pad with removable belt !! o Repel web to repel water, dirt and mold !! o Tech-Lite aluminum D-rings !! o Revolver vertical torso adjuster !! o Hybrid comfort padding !! o Breakaway lanyard keepers !! o Meets and exceeds OSHA/ANSI standards !! o 420 lb. capacity EXOFIT NEX VEST-STYLE HARNESS The next generation full body harness !! o Revolver torso adjusters !! o Hybrid comfort padding that is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking !! o Duo-Lok leg buckles lock web for non-slipping connections !! o Repel webbing that is five times more abrasion-resistant than standard webbing !! o Integrated suspension trauma straps !! o Meets all applicable standards including OSHA and ANSI !! o 420 lb. capacity PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 2301113001 S $364.19 2301113004 M $364.19 2301113007 L $364.19 2301113010 XL $364.19 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 2301107975 S $290.99 2301107976 M $290.99 2301107977 L $290.99 2301107981 XL $290.99 2301107982 2XL $290.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 2301113121 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES S $407.99 2301113124 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES M $407.99 2301113127 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES L $407.99 2301113130 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES XL $407.99 2301113142 W/TONGUE BUCKLE LEG STRAPS L $392.69 2301113145 W/TONGUE BUCKLE LEG STRAPS XL $392.69 2301113139 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES, TONGUE LEG BUCKLE M $392.69 230113191 2D HARNESS M $708.89 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2301113139 W/QUICK CONNECT BUCKLES, TONGUE LEG BUCKLE $392.69 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 96

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