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erosion AND sediment control TERRA AQUA GABION SYSTEMS Cut costs of soil conservation and ecology programs !! o Designed to contain quarry run or river run stones !! o Used mainly for hydraulic structures in river training works and in protection works for roads and land reclamation !! o Steel wire cages designed to abate the destructive forces of erosion !! o Form flexible structures to deflect and deform in any direction without fracture !! o Withstand the movement of earth without inordinate structure deformation !! o The wire reinforces the stone filling in tension RECYCLEX TURF REINFORCEMENT MAT (TRM) Designed to allow revegetation and provide permanent protection in areas of concentrated flow !! o Ditch bottoms, channel bottoms, swales and slopes !! o Steep, reinforced slope veneers !! o Landfill down chutes and let down structures !! o Pond, small lake, and stream bank shoreline stabilization !! o Urban stormwater drainage channels and waterways !! o Concentrated flow areas as a TRM component with Curlex Sediment Logs !! o Typical rip rap or hard armor applications JUTE MESH AND STAPLES Used for erosion control on landscape projects !! o Adds surface tension until ground covers take hold !! o Comes in 4' x 75 yard, 92 lb. rolls !! o 6" long steel staples are used to hold down the jute mesh !! o The staples are easy to drive with your hammer !! o Jute mesh and staples are sold separately SOIL CAP Latest edition to the Soil2O Dust Control product line !! o Offers a solution to problem of stockpile erosion caused by wind and rain. !! o Simply and easy to apply !! o Dries completely odorless and flexible !! o Ecologically and environmentally safe !! o Safe for equipment, no residue, non-corrosive !! o PM10 and PM2.5 compliant !! o Dries transparent, clear PRODUCT NO. SIZE 15794000631 6' X 3' X 1' 15794000633 6' X 3' X 3' 15794000931 9' X 3' X 1' 15794000933 9' X 3' X 3' 15794001231 12' X 3' X 1' 15794012315 12' X 3' X 1.5' 15794001233 12' X 3' X 3' PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 262JM 48" X 75 YD. 92 LB. JUTE MESH $88.99 262JMS1000 1M BOX 11GA JUTE MESH STAPLE $61.99 262JMS9G1000 1M BOX 9GA JUTE MESH STAPLE $139.99 262JMS 200 BOX 11GA JUTE MESH STAPLE $22.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 2620732010 8' X 90' GREEN MAT PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 589S20SC30 30 GAL DRUM 929 CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING WhiteCap.com

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