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SM Erosion and Sediment Control BIOWATTLE Completely biodegradable !! o An economically effective barrier against the detachment and transportation phases of the erosion process until vegetation or reinforced vegetation is established !! o Specifically developed and engineered to meet the erosion control needs for nearly every environmental extreme STRAW FIBER ROLLS (WATTLES) !! o Used on slopes to reduce runoff velocity and control or capture eroded sediment !! o More effective, easier to install and less maintenance intensive than silt fence and other sedimentation control devices METAL STAKES FOR FIBER ROLLS (WATTLES) Strong, metal stakes that are ideal for landscaping, form setting, surveying, etc. GRASS SEED Various grass seed !! o 50 lb. bags STRAW BALES WOOD STAKES FOR FIBER ROLLS (WATTLES) Strong, first quality wood stakes that are ideal for landscaping, form setting, surveying, etc. Industry Leader Since 1979 Jwtxnts!Htsywtq!L!Xjinrjsy!Htsywtq Iwfns!Nsqjy!Knqywfynts!L!Fsi!rtwj333 Pollution Solution, Inc. ^jqqt Ofhpjy Iwfns!Nsqjy!Knqyjw f qjy y Knq Kn K yjw jw j fh hpjy jy j Mtwsjyx!Sjxy! Iwfns!Nsqjy!Knqyjw Xnqy!Xnkyjw!Gflx with YellowJacket Drain Inlet Filter =!t3!Sts t{js!Lwf{jq!Gflx with YellowJacket Drain Inlet Filter ^jqqt !Mn2[n!Lwf{jq!Gflx with YellowJacket Drain Inlet Filter F{fnqfgqj!fy!MI!Xzuuq~!\mnyj!Hfu!!\mnyjHfu3htr!!=552>992=877 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 262SCRS910 STRAW WATTLE 9" X 10' 262FR925 STRAW WATTLE 9" X 25' 262SW1220 STRAW WATTLE 12" X 20' 262SCRS825 RICE STRAW WATTLE 8" X 25' 262RSW82525 PHOTO RICE STRAW WATTLE 8.5'X25' 262EXCEL1210 EXCELSIOR WATTLE 12" X 10' 262EXCEL910 EXCELSIOR WATTLE 9" X 10' PRODUCT NO. SIZE 437WS1224 1" X 2" 437WS1236 1" X 2" PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104GRASS50 FESCUE GRASS SEED KENTUCKY $109.99 104SUMSEED CONTRACTORS BLEND SUMMER MIX GRASS $249.99 104BERMSEEDU BERMUDA GRASS SEED (UN-HULLED) $269.99 104GRASS5 GRASS SEED $15.09 104BERMSEED BERMUDA GRASS SEED $259.99 104BAHIA50 BAHIA GRASS SEED $324.99 104CONSEEDBL CONTRACTORS BLEND SEED $119.99 104RYEANNL50 ANNUAL RYE GRASS SEED $44.99 PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT 262STRAWBALE 70 LB. PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 262SWS12 12" METAL STAKE W/WASHER 262SWS18 18" METAL STAKE W/WASHER PRODUCT NO. SIZE 262BIOWATTLE 9" X 25' 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 926

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