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Stormwater Management The original compost SiltSoxx for sediment and erosion control available prefilled on pallets for easy installation SiltSoxx & EnviroSoxx Perimeter Control 50% more capacity than silt fence No trenching, no soil disturbance Slope Interruption Reduces runoff velocity Use on slopes up to 1:1 grade EnviroSoxx Pollutant Removal Natural additives remove bacteria, nutrients, hydrocarbons & metals Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 Filtrexx, the Branch & Leaf logo, In Compliance with Nature, and EnviroSoxx are Registered Trademarks of Filtrexx International. SiltSoxx is a Trademark of Filtrexx International. US Patents 7,226,240; 7,452,165; 7,654,292; 8,272,812; 8,439,607; 8,740,503; 8,821,076; and 9,044,795 may apply & patents pending. 2015 All rights reserved. SM How important is erosion control in getting a job completed on time and on budget? These days, environmental compliance is at the top of the list for our customers because it can stop a project in a hurry. Our experience and expertise is a huge help to customers who come to us for advice. Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for your customer. A year ago, we were called to a jobsite that was facing some big SWPPP challenges. When we got there, an inspector had already shut the job down. And they couldn't restart until they were in full compliance. Normally, it would have taken several days to re-install the proper best management practices for a job that size. But fortunately, we were able to get them up and running the next day by installing Filtrexx Compost Soxx. How does our customer service set us apart from the competition? I am committed to doing whatever it takes to assist our customers in getting the most bang for their buck in resolving storm water compliance issues. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Jim Preihs from our El Cajon, California location to share his thoughts about our services. Jim Preihs Product Sales Specialist El Cajon, CA 921 CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING WhiteCap.com

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