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SM GEOsynthetics - engineered structures PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Miragrid XT geogrids are high-strength, high-tenacity, high-molecular weight polyester geogrids in a full range of tensile strengths to meet the most demanding applications of soil reinforcement. Miragrid XT geogrids are woven and then coated with a polymer coating to provide dimensional stability. Miragrid XT geogrids provide the highest tensile strengths of any reinforcement geogrid in the industry. The high-molecular weight, high-tenacity polyester yarns used in the Miragrid geogrids result in excellent creep resistance. Features and Benefits !! o No recoiling, remains in place after being installed, does not roll back !! o Flexible and tough, delivers immediate soil geogrid stress transfer ensuring minimal movement of soil structure !! o Lightweight; at least 33% lighter than most rigid geogrids Miragrid XT Geogrids For slope reinforcement Miramesh Biaxial Geosynthetics !! o Strength. Biaxial strength to provide uniform design strengths and facilitate one layer installation for secondary reinforcement and face erosion protection. !! o Vegetation Support. Vegetation testing shows Miramesh geosynthetics perform better than biaxial geogrids and geotextiles in providing a suitable platform for plant growth. The uniquely designed aperture construction allows for retention of soil particles, while encouraging vegetation growth. !! o Flexible. Easily conforms to the slope or wall face to provide a stable platform vegetation. !! o Color. Available in green and black color. !! o Design Life. Available in 75 to 100 year permanent design life exposed to sunlight. Miragrid Primary Reinforcement Wire Mesh Basket Facing (Typically black steel) Strut Spacing at 2.0ft on Center Along Face varies 5.0ft (1500mm) 4FT 1200mm) Miramesh GR Secondary Reinforcement Face Wrap Miragrid PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 1572XT6 2XT 6' X 150' (900 SF) 1572XT12 2XT 12' X 150' (1,800 SF) 1573XT6 3XT 6' X 150' (900 SF) 1573XT12 3XT 12' X 150' (1,800 SF) 1575XT12 5XT 12' X 150' (1,800 SF) 1577XT12 7XT 12' X 200' (2,400 SF) 1578XT12 8XT 12' X 200' (2,400 SF) 15710XT12 10XT 12' X 200' (2,400 SF) Miramesh Miramesh Miragrid PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157RMMESHGR MIRAMESH GR 8' X 150' (1,200 SF) 157RMMESHFR MIRAMESH FR 8' X 150' (1,200 SF) 157RMMESHSG MIRAMESH SG 8' X 150' (1,200 SF) 157RMMESHTR MIRAMESH TR 8' X 150' (1,200 SF) 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 918

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