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geosynthetics - drainage & filtration Mirafi FW-Series Woven Geotextiles For erosion control and filtration PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mirafi FW-Series Woven Geotextiles are woven fabrics of monofilament and multifilament yarn construction which are highly UV stabilized. FW-Series Geotextiles have high strengths for durability and survivability; consistent, measurable pore sizes; and high percent open area for long-term clogging resistance and high flow rates. FW-Series Geotextiles are manufactured with highly specialized processes to produce unique, physical and hydraulic properties not possible with standard geotextiles, woven, or nonwoven. Features and Benefits Mirafi FW-Series Geotextiles offer unique advantages over traditional filtration and drainage fabrics. Some of the advantages include the following: !! o Resists clogging while maintaining flow rate in high- gradient and dynamic flow conditions !! o High survivability rating in aggressive installation and loading conditions such as back dumping of large rip rap or underwater placement !! o Resistant to chemicals in aggressive landfill environments !! o Highly uniform opening size (AOS) !! o Maintains high long-term flow rates !! o Exhibits high percent open area. Flexible manufacturing allows custom fabric production to meet site-specific soil conditions. Additionally, FW-Series Geotextiles are capable of being fabricated into customized panels. Applications Mirafi FW-Series Geotextiles are designed for long-term performance in problematic soil or site conditions to ensure clogging resistance and soil retention in erosion control and subsurface drainage applications. Typical applications include the following: !! o Underneath rip rap or concrete revetment systems along inland waterways and coastal shorelines !! o Underneath armor systems; protecting spillways and embankment dams from overtopping flow !! o Encapsulating cut-off drains and collection systems surrounding landfills, within dams, and adjacent to roadways and other critical structures MIRAFI MSCAPE Weed Barrier, Soil Separator, Light Drainage MSCAPE is the flexible, durable, highly permeable, landscape fabric specifically designed to meet the needs of landscape professionals by serving these key functions: !! o Weed Barrier. MSCAPE inhibits existing weed growth, suppresses new weed growth, reduces necessity for chemical herbicide applications !! o Separation. MSCAPE divides and separates dry and damp soils, prevents undesired mixing of mulches with subsoils, supports mulch over soft soils !! o Drainage. MSCAPE permits passage of air and liquids; prevents soil particle accumulation in French drains and functions as a separator/filter to stop soil from escaping through joints in retaining walls made from railroad ties, treated lumber, or mortarless brick and stone. Sold and priced by the roll. MIRAFI G-SERIES Drainage Composite !! o Consistent and proven long-term performance due to a multi-directional core configuration providing a uniform flow path for water to escape !! o High-flow drainage capacity of up to three times the flow capacity of aggregate or sand, assuring effective drainage for virtually any drainage need !! o High compressive strength core that withstands installation and in-situ earth stresses !! o Cost savings due to the lightweight, easy-to-install 1.22m x 15.24m (4' x 50') panels !! o Saves transportation cost of bringing aggregate to the construction site PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157RFW404 FW404 15' X 300' (4,500 SF) 157FW300 FW300 12.5' X 300' (3,750 SF) 157RFW402 FW402 12.5' X 300' (3,750 SF) 157RFW403 FW403 12.5' X 300' (3,750 SF) 157FW500 FW500 12' X 300' (3,600 SF) 157RFW700 FW700 12' X 300' (3,600 SF) PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157RG200N G200N 4' X 50' 200 SF/ROLL PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 15713103 MSCAPE 3' X 300' 100 SY/ROLL 15713106 MSCAPE 6' X 300' 200 SY/ROLL 15713109 MSCAPE 9' X 300' 300 SY/ROLL 15713112 MSCAPE 12' X 300' 400 SY/ROLL 917 CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING WhiteCap.com

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