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Geosynthetics - roadway reinforcement Mirafi BXG For base course reinforcement and soil stabilization !! o Geogrids are woven polyester biaxial geogrids for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization applications. !! o Constructed of high-tenacity, high-molecular weight polyester to deliver increased passive bearing resistance !! o Coated with a polymer coating, BXG geogrids provide optimum interaction in all soil types TenCate Mirafi BXG biaxial geogrids provide the following benefits: !! o Excellent durability and long-term performance !! o Maximum bearing capacity and shear resistance !! o Superior soil confinement !! o Cross-roll direction strength when panels sewn together !! o Quick installation System Solutions !! o Roadway and railway construction !! o Roadway and railway stabilization and reinforcement !! o Paved roads !! o Construction haul roads !! o Foundation reinforcement !! o Working platforms on weak sub-grades !! o Secondary reinforcement for soil-retaining structures Mirafi X-Series Woven Polypropylene Geotextiles For sediment control, soil separation and road base stabilization !! o Woven geotextiles comprised of UV stabilized polypropylene slit film !! o Provide excellent puncture and tear-resistant properties in addition to high-tensile strengths PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157R50018 500X 17.5' X 309' (5,400 SF) 157R50108 500X 12.5' X 432' (5,400 SF) 157R60300 600X 12.5' X 360' (4,500 SF) PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157BASX11 MIRAFI BXG 11 13.1' X 164' (236.9 SY) 157BASX12 MIRAFI BXG 12 13.1' X 164' (236.9 SY) 157BXG110 MIRAFI BXG 110 13.1' X 246' (3,198 SF) 157BXG120 MIRAFI BXG 120 13.1' X 164' (2,132 SF) Mirafi MPV For asphalt overlay applications Mirafi MPV is specifically designed for asphalt overlay applications. Made of needle punched heatset polypropylene nonwoven fabrics with high asphalt absorption, Mirafi Mirapave provides the key characteristics, which have been identified as essential to fabric overlay pavement performance. PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 157MPV40010 MPV400 10.5' X 360' (3,780 SF) 157RMP400125 MPV400 12.5' X 360' (4,500 SF) 157MPV500105 MPV500 10.5' X 360' (3,780 SF) 157MPV500 MPV500 12.5' X 360' (4,500 SF) 157MPV40014 MPV400 14.5' X 360' (5,220 SF) 157MPV50014 MPV500 14.5' X 360' (5,220 SF) 915 CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING WhiteCap.com

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