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SM Ron Anderson Inside Sales Temecula, CA What are some featured services that most customers might not know about? We certainly offer a wide variety of products in our branches. And most customers know we offer great prices on everyday items, but we also provide quotes on Special Order items. This service gives customers flexibility to order exactly what they need for their project. Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for one of your customers. I was working with a customer who needed to install a drain system for his driveway. He drove all around town and couldn't find anyone who could point him in the right direction. When he arrived at our branch he was stressed and unsure if we could help him either. After we listened to him and determined his needs, we were able to get him excited about what our ACO Drain System had to offer. He immediately placed an order. In the end, he was extremely satisfied with the product we recommended and really appreciated the higher level of service he got from us. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're all part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Ron Anderson from our Temecula, California location to share some of his thoughts about our services. Adjustable Height Paver Drain Super Drain Frontier Deck Drain Flowmaster 3 Deck Drain Stegmeier LLC manufactures deck drains for commercial and residential use in pedestrian traffic patios, pool decks and other areas requiring the removal of excess water. Our product line includes drains with removable tops (pvc and aluminum) as well as one piece drains and are available in multiple colors. Adjustable Height Paver Drain W ater control solutions by Stegmeier LLC Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 911 2 G

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