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drainage Pipe 3" EDGE DRAIN SLOTTED & SOLID PIPE PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 11440300 SOLID CFQ 11440300SED SLOTTED CFQ 3" 45 BEND R=30 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 115R3045 CFQ N-12 WT (WATERTIGHT) PIPE Advanced design, easy to install and easy to put your confidence in for long-term reliability !! o With its integral built-in bell and factory-installed gasket, the pipe requires no extra couplers, grout or other sealants to install and fewer components to risk performance !! o Joint meets or exceeds ASTM D3212 lab test and ASTM F1417 watertight field test !! o Fills an essential role in meeting the stricter requirements of new EPA guidelines !! o A polymer composite, combined with HDPE's excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, brings exceptional strength to the joint !! o Available by special order in sizes from 8" to 60" PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 155WT24 24" CFQ 155WT15 15" CFQ 155WT18 18" CFQ 155WT10 10" CFQ 155WT12 12" CFQ N-12 ST (SOILTIGHT) PIPE Saves time on virtually any drainage installation !! o With bell and spigot designs you simply lube and push together, field installation is a snap !! o Unlike pipes from other manufacturers, there are no additional gasket materials, grout or sealing bands to transport and apply !! o In-line bell design means no need to dig bell holes and no worries about improperly dug bell holes that can dip or sag, leading to bell shear !! o Noticeably faster installation times !! o Lower labor costs !! o Available in larger sizes up to 60" !! o Solid PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 155ST10 10" CFQ 155ST12 12" CFQ 155ST24 24" CFQ 155ST36 36" CFQ 155ST15 15" CFQ 155ST18 18" CFQ 155ST08 8" CFQ 155ST30 30" CFQ ADVANEDGE PIPE Engineered panel pipe for superior quick response drainage !! o Strength is derived from a corrugated cylinder maintained by pillars located strategically throughout the core. The result is a series of oval-shaped sections with all-direction strength. !! o Stronger material !! o HDPE has an unbeatable combination of mechanical and chemical properties for drainage pipe applications !! o Economical installation !! o The slim-line profile of AdvanEDGE pipe allows for installation in a narrow trench, easily dug with high-speed trenching equipment. Combined with the geotextile wrap, it requires no gravel or select backfill, and can be installed directly against a wall or structural member. The innovative coupling system provides secure connections that can withstand installation stresses !! o 100' length !! o Joining System: Split Coupler !! o Specifications: ASTM D695, D1621 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1550493 12" CFQ 1550693 18" CFQ WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 905 2 G

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