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SM drains fittings accessories FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES Made from HDPE with a standard finish !! o AWD Fittings manufactures a wide range of accessories to make installation fast and easy PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 556FO6 OUTLET FITTING 6" 556FT6 TEE 6" 556UO1218 UNIVERSAL OUTLET 12" - 18" 556UT1218 UNIVERSAL TEE 12" - 18" 556OU2436 UNIVERSAL OUTLET 24"-36" 556UT2436 UNIVERSAL TEE 24"-36" CHIMNEY DRAINS Function as a pipe creating a flow channel for collected water !! o Compressive strengths are 9,000 lbs./sq. ft. or 18,000 lbs./sq. ft. !! o Filter fabric prevents the intrusion of soil particles into the drainage core !! o The flow capacity of the core ranges from 9 to 21 gpm per ft. of width which is equivalent to the flow rate found in 4-8 feet of drainage stone PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 556SDC9012 SITEDRAIN CHIMNEY C-90-12 12' X 100' 556SDC9024 SITEDRAIN CHIMNEY C-90-12 12' X 100 556SDC18012 SITEDRAIN CHIMNEY C-180-12 12' X 100' 556SDC18024 SITEDRAIN CHIMNEY C-180-12 12' X 100' 556SDC9612 SITEDRAIN CHIMNEY 96-12 12" X 100' STRIP DRAINS Prefabricated drains consisting of a high-profile, perforated, three-dimensional core that is fully wrapped with a filter fabric !! o Filter fabric is securely bonded to prevent soil intrusion into the core flow channel while allowing water to freely enter the drainage channel !! o Function as a direct replacement for perforated pipe and stone drainage systems PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 556SDS6006 SITEDRAIN STRIP 6" X 150' 556SDS6012 SITEDRAIN STRIP 12" X 150' 556SDS6024 SITEDRAIN STRIP 24" X 150 556SDS9012 SITEDRAIN STRIP 12" X 150' 556SDS9024 SITEDRAIN STRIP 24" X 150' SHEET DRAINS Collect and re-direct water from a structure or site !! o Designed for use in both vertical and horizontal drainage applications !! o Constructed to various strength, flow and soil filtration requirements for a wide range of construction applications !! o Sheet drains collect and transport significantly more water than aggregate systems and are constructed using recycled materials providing a sustainable, cost effective drainage alternative PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 556SDS94 SITEDRAIN SHEET 94 4' X 50' 556SDS96 SITEDRAIN 96 4' X 50' 556SDS184 SITEDRAIN SHEET 184 4' X 50' 556SDS186W SITEDRAIN SHEET 186-W 4' X 50' Prefabricated sheet, chimney, strip and combination drains provide engineered drainage solutions for a wide range of structural and site applications Low Installed Cost Easy To Handle And Install Reduces Drainage System Space Requirements Strong And Durable Simple Inspection Sustainable Design Chemically Resistant High Flow Capacity, REDUCED Clogging Predictable Performance Holds Reinforced Shotcrete Prefabricated Drain Advantages 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 902

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