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SM drainage pipe FRONTIER DECK DRAIN KIT Frontier Deck Drain is an excellent choice for commercial or residential pool decks and patios !! o Drain tops install easily without the use of dangerous mounting screws !! o Tops snap out making this drain easy to clean !! o Drain tops can be overlapped at the joints making this drain very ridged and easy to install straight Includes: (8) 10' bases, (8) 10' top caps, 4 end adapters, 8 couplers PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 111SDDT TAN KIT CFQ 111SDDG GRAY KIT CFQ 111SDDW WHITE KIT CFQ 111SDDB BLACK KIT CFQ 111SDDWC 10' TOP CAP - WHITE CFQ 111SDDTC 10' TOP CAP - TAN CFQ 111SDDGC 10' TOP CAP - GRAY CFQ CHANNEL DRAIN Channel Drain is an easy to install deck drain that is ideal for swimming pool decks and other "foot traffic" walkways and patios !! o Easy to install "on grade" requiring virtually no excavation !! o Round bottom design for better flow with less sediment accumulation !! o All fittings and connectors available Includes: (8) 10' channel drains, 8 couplers, 4 adapters PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 111CD3T TAN KIT CFQ 111CD3G GRAY KIT CFQ 111CD3W WHITE KIT CFQ DECK O' DRAIN: 45 BEND A deck drain and expansion joint in one. This 1-1/2" wide joint has a notched top that allows surface run off to enter, transforming it into a non-directional drain DRAIN FITTINGS For pool deck and patio drain DECK O' DRAIN: COUPLER PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 111D140 DECK O DRAIN COUPLERS CFQ DECK O' DRAIN: 45 BEND PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 111D130 WHITE CFQ 111D131 TAN CFQ 111D132 GRAY CFQ DECK O' DRAIN: 90 BEND PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 111D125 WHITE CFQ 111D126 TAN CFQ 111D127 GRAY CFQ DECK O' DRAIN: CHANNEL DRAIN PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 111D110W WHITE CFQ 111D112T TAN CFQ 111D114G GRAY CFQ 111D116B BLACK CFQ NO HUB COUPLER Stainless-steel clamps !! o Dupont neoprene gasket PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 122NH10003 3" CFQ 122NH10004 4" CFQ 122NH10006 6" CFQ CONCRETE DRAIN BOX With cast-iron grate !! o 8" Drain box comes with holes for 3" pipe !! o 10" Drain box comes with holes for 4" pipe PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 113DB08083 8" X 8" CFQ 113DB10104 10" X 10" CFQ 113DB12124 12" X 12" CFQ 113DB16164 16" X 16" CFQ 45 90 TEE SIDE ADAPT DOWN ADAPT PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION COLOR PRICE 111DCUP COUPLER - CFQ 111DEA END ADAPTER - CFQ 111DEP END PLUG - CFQ 45 BEND PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION COLOR PRICE 111SDD45G 45 BEND - GRAY GRAY CFQ 111SDD45T 45 BEND - TAN TAN CFQ 111SDD45W 45 BEND - WHITE WHITE CFQ 90 BEND PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION COLOR PRICE 111SDD90B 90 BEND - BLACK BLACK CFQ 111SDD90G 90 BEND - GRAY GRAY CFQ 111SDD90T 90 BEND - TAN TAN CFQ 111SDD90W 90 BEND - WHITE WHITE CFQ 111SDDDA DOWN ADAPTER - CFQ 111SDDSA SIDE ADAPTER - CFQ 111SDDTW TEE - CFQ N: 90 BEND O. COLOR 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 898

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