Full Line Catalog Page 883 Waterproofing And Restoration

Hydraulic repair SPECPLUG Durable, fast-setting hydraulic-cement mortar !! o Stops water flowing through holes and cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces !! o Expands as it sets, bonds strongly to concrete !! o Will not shrink or oxidize !! o Application: Basement and masonry cracks, floor and wall joints, manholes, sewer pipes, swimming pools, tunnels and below-grade foundations !! o Sets in approximately 3 - 5 minutes, stops flowing water fast XYPEX PATCH 'N PLUG Non-shrink, high-bond strength hydraulic cement !! o For concrete patching and repair !! o Stops flowing water in seconds !! o Single-component !! o Fast setting !! o One 60 lb. pail of Patch 'n Plug will produce 0.64 cubic feet of mortar PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 59713312160 60 LB. PAIL CFQ 59713312120 20 LB. PAIL CFQ PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT PRICE 255SPLUG10 10 LB. PAIL $53.99 255SPLUG 50 LB. PAIL $44.99 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 883 2 G

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