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repair restoration SM MASTEREMACO STRUCTURAL REPAIR MORTARS !! o Integral corrosion inhibitor !! o Shrinkage compensated !! o Low permeability !! o Freeze-thaw and sulfate-resistant !! o 55 lb. bag o 55 5 lb. bag MASTEREMACO T 545 DOT Single-component chemical action repair mortar !! o Only air curing required !! o Wide temperature use range !! o Superior bonding !! o Very low drying shrinkage !! o Sulfate resistant !! o Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, and deicing chemicals !! o Reaches 2,000 psi compressive strength in 1 hour !! o Thermal expansion and contraction similar to Portland cement concrete !! o 50 lb. bag FASTSET REPAIR MORTAR Very rapid-hardening, polymer-modified concrete repair mortar !! o For making structural repairs in vertical, overhead, and horizontal applications !! o Exceeds ASTM C928 R-2 requirements !! o Can be extended with up to 30 lbs. of 1/2" gravel QUIKRETE VINYL CONCRETE PATCHER A multi-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesive properties !! o Trowels to a feather edge of 1/16" !! o Special blend of exterior grade vinyl resin, fine sand, and Portland cement !! o Just add water !! o Available in gray or white PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 227124150 50 LB. PAIL $23.89 227124160 60 LB. BAG $36.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 220S66CI MASTEREMACO S66C5/S466CI CFQ 220S77CI MASTEREMACO S77CI/S 477CI FLOWABLE REPAIR CFQ 220S88CI MASTEREMACO S88/S488CI STRUCTURAL REPAIR CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 220SET45HW HOT WEATHER REPAIR MORTAR CFQ 220SET45CT D.O.T. REPAIR MORTAR CFQ 220SET45R REGULAR MASTERBUILDER CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 433113340 40 LB. BAG $17.79 227113320 20 LB. PAIL $17.79 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 882

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