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88 SM fall protection kits COMPLIANCE IN A CAN LIGHT Complete fall protection in a handy container !! o Kit include 5-point full body harness !! o Single-leg shock-pack lanyard with 3,600 lb.-rated snap hooks !! o Meets ANSI Z359 and OSHA PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2302199802 $106.99 COMPLIANCE IN A CAN ROOFING KIT Complete fall protection in a handy container !! o Kit includes: 5-point full body harness !! o 50' rope lifeline !! o 5/8" rope adjuster with attached 2' shock absorbing lanyard !! o Reusable roof anchor !! o Meets ANSI Z359 and OSHA !! o Designed for roofing applications PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2302199803 $203.99 TITAN B-COMPLIANT ROOF KIT Federal OSHA-compliant fall protection for roofing applications !! o Lightweight, full-body harness with 3 point adjustment !! o Rope grab with permanently attached, 3' (.9 m) lanyard with shock absorber pack !! o High-strength, 5/8" (16 mm) diameter, polyester/polypropylene rope lifeline with locking snap hook !! o Reusable stainless steel roof anchor bracket with plated D-ring !! o Waterproof storage container !! o 50' rope lifeline PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230TRK200025 $142.99 meter, polyester/polypropylene ok or PRICE $142.99 READYROOFER ALL-PURPOSE FALL PROTECTION SYSTEM For residential applications !! o Meets applicable OSHA and ANSI standards Includes: Full-body harness, roof anchor, shock-absorbing lanyard, compact MicroLoc trailing rope grab, 50' high strength rope lifeline, waterproof storage container PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230BRFK50 $203.99 TITAN READYWORKER FALL PROTECTION KIT Fall Protection safety and convenience at your fingertips !! o Back strap and sub-pelvic strap for greater safety and increased comfort !! o Sliding back D-ring to adjust harness correctly !! o Easy adjustment for proper fit !! o 6' cross-arm strap !! o Pull-free lanyard rings for convenience and added safety !! o 6' tubular shock-absorbing lanyard !! o 5 gallon waterproof bucket Includes: Titan full body harness, shock absorbing lanyard, cross arm strap and waterproof bucket BAG OF SAFE-TIE Harness Lanyard combo kit !! o 5-point universal harness !! o 6' internal shock absorbing lanyard !! o White Cap nylon logo bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12120081 $96.49 yard combo kit versal harness shock absorbing lanyard nylon logo bag PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 230120205U6 W/ CROSS ARM STRAP $106.99 230TFPK3U6 W/O CROSS ARM STRAP $108.19 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 88

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