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SEALANTS air shields SM HYDRALASTIC 836 Cold-applied, single- component waterproofing !! o Bonds to both concrete and asphalt !! o Easy application, no mixing required !! o Will not harm EPS or Styrofoam materials !! o Does not require a primer !! o Cures to a tough, flexible membrane !! o Size: 5 gallon POURTHANE NS Non-sag joint sealant !! o Ready-to-use and easy to gun or tool !! o Low VOC content: Approved for all 50 states !! o Maintains flexibility, +/- 35% joint movement !! o No primer needed for most construction materials !! o Excellent weather resistance, long lasting joint sealant !! o Size: 5 gallon st AIR-SHIELD LSR Liquid air/vapor membrane and moisture barrier !! o Non-asphaltic, designed to meet stringent fire code !! o Highly flexible, bridges cracks, which may form in substrate !! o Single-component, water-based technology allows for simple, safe application and clean-up !! o Compatible with asphalt- based emulsion products !! o UV resistant, can be left exposed for up to 4 months !! o Size: 5 gallon PRECON FABRIC TAPE Self-adhering tape used for penetrations and perimeter terminations !! o Non-woven side bonds to poured concrete, self-adhesive side bonds to most surfaces !! o UV resistant !! o Size: 12" x 50' roll BEM BUILDING ENVELOPE MASTIC One-Component waterproofing membrane !! o Bonds to both concrete and asphalt !! o Solvent free; will not shrink !! o Skins over in 50 minutes !! o Does not freeze !! o Cures to a tough, flexible membrane !! o Size: 28 oz. REINFORCING FABRIC HCR Reinforcement material for building envelope products !! o Spun-Bonded polyester hot/cold reinforcing fabric !! o Used to reinforce membrane over cracks, joints and changes-in-plane !! o Size: 3" x 600' roll PRECON Blindside and underslab membrane !! o Provides a waterproof seal between the membrane and poured concrete wall !! o Helps prevent moisture migration into the structure !! o Reduces methane and radon gas intrusion !! o Size: 4' x 50' roll Size: 4 x 50 roll Xjj!~tzw!qthfq! MI!Xzuuq~!\mnyj!Hfu! Gwfshm ! ktw!ijyfnqx 1.800.944.8322 THE PRO'S CHOICE s Removes Coatings from Concrete, Masonry, Wood, and Metal s Gelled for Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces s Made with U.S. Soybeans s Removes Asbestos/Black Mastic, Vinyl Glue, Ceramic Mastic, Traditional Carpet Adhesive s Virtually No Odor - Less Than 3% VOC! s Ideal Clean-Up After 600GL and 500MR s No Harmful Petroleums, Acids, or Trisodium Phosphate s Removes Glue and Adhesive Residues Quickly s Great for Building Material Sticker Residue Removal MASTIC REMOVER PAINT STRIPPER is now DEGREASER is now ADHESIVE REMOVER is now 500MR 600GL Coatings Remover Mastic Remover 700DG Degreaser 740AD Adhesive Remover ing membrane oth concrete and asphalt e; will not shrink in 50 minutes eeze tough, mbrane PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5256331005 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5254726506 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5256391005 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5256332128 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5256062003 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5256052120 CFQ PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5255118050 CFQ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 872

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