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roofing underlayments 1/2 PAGE ASSOCIATE BIO GRACE TRI-FLEX High-performance roofing underlayment !! o Grace Tri-Flex is a high-strength woven synthetic roofing underlayment coated with a layer of UV stabilized polyolefin. This composition creates a tough, weather-resistant membrane that has been proven under some of the harshest conditions in North America !! o Lighter and covers more area !! o Stronger !! o More durable !! o Slip resistant under wet conditions !! o Suitable for use under all major roof coverings !! o Facilitates faster and easier installation !! o 25-year warranty GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD HT Self-adhered roofing underlayment with thermal stability up to 260 F !! o Can be exposed up to 120 days, providing flexible construction schedules !! o May be used under all roof covering types; especially well suited for metal roof applications GRACE ICE & WATER SHIELD Self-adhered roofing underlayment !! o Easy to handle and apply !! o Foldless release paper !! o Seals around nails !! o Dual barrier protection !! o Resists attacks from fungus and bacteria !! o Slip-resistant embossed surface to maximize traction and safety for applicators 1/2 PAGE ASS SM OCIATE BIO Ashley Kline Inside Sales Aurora, Colorado What are some of our featured services that most customers don't know about? Many customers aren't aware of White Cap Direct service. If their jobsite is a considerable distance from us it's a great way to get product quickly. And when items aren't in stock at our branch, we can ship them UPS direct to the site - which saves them money on freight. Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for one of your customers. Recently, a customer needed column forms by 6:00 the next morning. We made a special run to the jobsite at closing time to make sure that he had what he needed for the next day. Tell us about a time when teamwork with other Associates helped your customer. Not long ago, a customer came to the counter and ordered several feet of ACO drain, which has many components that take time to pull. He wanted to take it with him right then, so three Associates pulled different components to help him get back to his project in a hurry. He's been a regular customer ever since. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Ashley Kline from our Aurora, Colorado location to share her thoughts on our services. PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 457IWS9 9" X 75' CFQ 457IWS12 12" X 75' CFQ 457IWS18 18" X 75' CFQ 457IWS36 36" X 75' CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 457IWS36HT 36" X 75' CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 45773358 48" X 250' CFQ WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 871 2 G

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