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87 fall protection kits ANCHORAGE DECELERATION DISTANCE 4' LENGTH OF LANYARD 6' HEIGHT OF WORKER 6' SAFETY FACTOR GROUND/NEXT LOWER LEVEL WALKING/ WORKING SURFACE 2' 2' 2' FALL DISTANCE (CLASS A SRL) SAFETY FACTOR (When SRL is overhead) SHOCK-ABSORBING LANYARD SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINE (SRL) TOTAL 18' FROM ANCHORAGE* ROUND/NEXT LOWER LE Always know your fall distance and select proper equipment to meet the fall clearance. THE ABCDs OF BASIC FALL PROTECTION is for Anchorage Point : commonly referred to as a tie-off point, the structure that supports the fall protection system, such as an I-beam. The Anchorage connector is used to join the connecting device to the anchorage point such as an anchor strap. is for Body Harness : worn by the worker to connect him/her to the fall protection system is for Connecting Device : attaches to the D-ring(s) of the body harness to join the worker to the anchorage connector such as a self-retracting lanyard is for Descent/Rescue : refers to the rescue plan of a fallen worker, which is a critical element of any fall protection program. Suspension Trauma Straps and Winch Systems are often used in the Descent/Rescue plan A B C D SHOCK-ABSORBING LANYARD OR SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINE? Self- retracting lifelines can be used anytime the height is 4' or greater from Walking-Working surface. 6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard should ONLY be used when Fall Clearance is 18' or greater from anchor. * ALWAYS consult the instructions for the specific type of lanyard in use for Fall Clearance requirements. LI'L BUCKET OF SAFE-TIE Built for grab and go compliance !! o HUV Harness (different size options available) !! o 6' shock absorbing single leg lanyard PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12100870 $107.19 BUCKET OF SAFE-TIE Roofing kit built for the roofer, by the roofer !! o Universal harness with 5 points of adjustment !! o Positioning device with 18" lanyard extension to keep device within reach preventing trip hazards !! o Temper reusable roof anchor can be used in wood or metal !! o Incorporates an integrated shock absorber into the lifeline !! o Meets OSHA/ANSI standards PRODUCT NO. PRICE 26300815 $149.99 BUCKET OF SAFE-TIE ROOFING KIT Roofing kit built for the roofer, by the roofer !! o Incorporates an integrated shock absorber into the lifeline !! o By removing the shock pack from the workers back, less dead weight is transferred to the dorsal D-ring Includes: 01703 Velocity harness with TB legs, 00455 temper reusable anchor and a 50' vertical lifeline assembly PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12120031 $206.99 line BEST SELLER! WhiteCap.com 87 VISIT US ONLINE

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