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drainage composites accessories STRIP DRAINS Prefabricated drains consisting of a high-profile, perforated, three-dimensional core that is fully wrapped with a filter fabric !! o Filter fabric is securely bonded to prevent soil intrusion into the core flow channel while allowing water to freely enter the drainage channel !! o Function as a direct replacement for perforated pipe and stone drainage systems CHIMNEY DRAINS Function as a pipe creating a flow channel for collected water !! o Compressive strengths are 9,000 lbs./sq. ft. or 18,000 lbs./sq. ft. !! o Filter fabric prevents the intrusion of soil particles into the drainage core !! o The flow capacity of the core ranges from 9 to 21 gpm per ft. of width, which is equivalent to the flow rate found in 4-8 feet of drainage stone PREFABRICATED SHEET DRAIN !! o Low installed cost !! o High collection and flow capacity !! o Easy to handle and install !! o Predictable drainage performance FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 556UO1218 UNIVERSAL OUTLET 12" - 18" CFQ 556OU2436 UNIVERSAL OUTLET 24"-36" CFQ 556FO6 OUTLET FITTING 6" CFQ 556FT6 TEE 6" CFQ 556UT1218 UNIVERSAL TEE 12" - 18" CFQ 556UT2436 UNIVERSAL TEE 24"-36" CFQ PRODUCT NO. GPM THICKNESS TYPE MODEL NO. PRICE 556SDS186 110/SQ. FT. 0.25" SINGLE SIDED SITEDRAIN SHEET W/ 110 PP FLOW RATE 186 CFQ 556SDS90 190/SQ. FT. 0.25" SINGLE SIDED SITEDRAIN SHEET W/ 190 PP FLOW RATE 90 CFQ 55601318 90/SQ. FT. 0.25" SINGLE SIDED SITEDRAIN SHEET 180B CFQ 556DS184 150/SQ. FT. 0.44" DOUBLE SIDED SITEDRAIN ROLL 184 CFQ 556SDS94 150/SQ. FT. 0.25" 4 OZ. FABRIC 94 CFQ 556SDS96 110/SQ. FT. 0.25" 6 OZ. FABRIC 96 CFQ 556SDS184 150/SQ. FT. 0.44" 4 OZ. FABRIC 184 CFQ 556SDS186W 160/SQ. FT. 0.44" WOVEN FABRIC 186-W CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 556SDS6006 6" X 150' CFQ 556SDS6012 12" X 150' CFQ 556SDS9012 12" X 150' CFQ 556SDS6024 24" X 150 CFQ 556SDS9024 24" X 150' CFQ PRODUCT NO. MODEL NO. GPM WIDTH THICKNESS PRICE 556SDC9012 C-90-12 150/SQ. FT. 12" 0.25" CFQ 556SDC9024 C-90-24 150/SQ. FT. 24" 0.25" CFQ 556SDC9624 C-96-24 110/SQ. FT. 24" 0.25" CFQ 556SDC18012 C-180-12 150/SQ. FT. 12" 0.44" CFQ 556SDC18024 C-180-24 150/SQ. FT. 24" 0.44" CFQ WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 867 2 G

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