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drainage composites accessories SM MEL-DRAIN Rolled matrix drainage system !! o High flow capacity, without clogging; relieves hydrostatic pressure buildup !! o High compressive strength; dependable, long-life performance !! o Easy to install; durable under jobsite conditions; lower total installed cost !! o Chemically resistant to all naturally occurring soil conditions; wide variety of applications !! o Part of a complete W. R. MEADOWS moisture protection system; worry-free, single-source solution CCW MIRADRAIN Aggregate free drainage !! o CCW MiraDRAIN's multi-directional flow design allows a continuous path for water discharge, eliminating the potential for hydrostatic pressure build up !! o It allows water to pass freely into the drainage core, where it is gravity fed into the CCW QuickDRAIN drainage collection system !! o The dimpled flow channels, covered by filter fabric, face the soil while the flat backside of the core fits directly against wall surfaces - providing maximum compatibility with a wide variety of waterproofing systems !! o High-flow drainage, three to five times the capacity of aggregate or sand, no clogging filter fabrics !! o Relieves hydrostatic pressure build up against below-grade structures !! o High-compressive strength core, withstands installation and natural earth stresses !! o Provides a protection course for the waterproofing system !! o Light-weight product allows for cost-efficient installation !! o Allows backfilling with the excavated soil CCW MIRADRAIN HC A high-flow drainage composite consisting of a 1" thick, three- dimensional, high-impact polystyrene core wrapped with a nonwoven filter fabric !! o The filter fabric is bonded to the individual dimples of the molded polystyrene core to minimize fabric intrusion into the flow channels caused by backfill pressure !! o The fabric serves as a filter medium to prevent the passage of particles into the core, while allowing excess water to pass freely into the drainage system !! o The CCW MiraDRAIN HC is available in various widths, including: 6", 12", 18", 24", 36" and 48" (punched and non-punched) HYDRODUCT Compatible with Preprufe , Procor , or Bituthene membranes !! o Enhances waterproofing !! o Pre-fabricated geocomposite drain for use as a combined drainage and protection layer with Grace waterproofing membranes !! o Geotextile fabric filter - allows ground water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles !! o High flow rate and drainage capacity !! o Rot proof - unaffected by permanent immersion in water, bacteria, dilute acids and alkalis !! o Economical - eliminates imported aggregate drainage layers !! o Studded core - allows water to flow to designated drainage collection points PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456HC12EO 12" HIGH CAPACITY END OUTLET $29.99 456HC12SO 12" HIGH CAPACITY SIDE OUTLET $28.99 456HC6EO 6" HIGH CAPACITY END OUTLET $107.99 456HC6S 6" HIGH CAPACITY SIDE OUTLET $13.49 456HC6SO 6" HI CAP SIDE OUTLET MIRADRAIN $14.99 456HC6100 6" X 100" HIGH CAP MIRADRAIN $13.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 456HC12100 12" X 100 ' HIGH CAPACITY MIRADRAIN 12" X 100' $189.99 456HC18100 18" X 100 ' HIGH CAPACITY MIRADRAIN 18" X 100' $249.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 5255012B 4'X50' ROLL MEL-DRAIN 5012-B CFQ 5255755035 4'X50' MEL DRAIN 5035 CFQ 5255755035R 4' X 50' MEL DRAIN 5035 ROLL CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 45720910 200SF HYDRODUCT 220/VERT CFQ 457BITUSTIK 1" X 200' TP ROLL 6/CS $137.59 457GHD2 4' X 50' 220 DRAINBOARD/HORZ CFQ 457GHD660 4' X 50' 660 DRAINBOARD/VERT CFQ 457GHDC600 2' X 50' 600 COIL DRAIN CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456M2000 4 FT. X 50 FT. 2000 CFQ 456M2000DT 4 FT. X 50 FT. 2000DT CFQ 456M5000 4 FT. X 50 FT. 5000 CFQ 456M6000 4 FT. X 25 FT. 6000 CFQ 456M600050 4 FT. X 50 FT. 6000 CFQ 456M6200 4 FT. X 50 FT. 6200 CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456M9000 4 FT. X 50 FT. 9000 CFQ 456MD6000XL 4 FT. X 50 FT. 6000XL CFQ 456MD6200XL 4 FT. X 50 FT. 6200XL CFQ 456MD9800 4 FT. X 50 FT. 9800 CFQ 456MD9900 4 FT. X 50 FT. 9900 CFQ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 866

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