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liquid-applied membranes TREMPROOF 250GC-R Waterproofing membrane for green concrete !! o Single-component, rapid curing, high solids, VOC compliant, modified polyurethane !! o Can be applied to green or damp concrete !! o Available in Roller Grade MEL-ROL LM Single-component, water-based, polymer-modified, cold-applied, waterproofing membrane !! o Ideal for below-grade vertical seamless waterproofing applications !! o Waterproof - very low vapor permeability (perm rating) MASTERSEAL HLM 5000 Liquid cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system !! o Standard and high- build systems !! o Chemical resistant - resists bacterial attack, and many acids, alkalis, and salts !! o Seamless cold- applied membrane !! o Asphalt-modified polyurethane !! o 5 gallons ELASTO-DECK BT Elastomeric membrane waterproofing system coal tar-free !! o Moisture-cured compound !! o May be applied by spray equipment, brush, roller, squeegee or trowel !! o Does not contain any potentially hazardous coal tar BITUTHENE LIQUID MEMBRANE Two-component, elastomeric, cold applied, trowel grade material !! o Liquid-applied - conforms to irregular profiles !! o Waterproof - resistant to water vapor and water pressure !! o Tough, rubber-like flexible and damage resistant !! o Chemically-cured - unaffected by in-service temperature variations !! o Cold-applied - no flame hazard !! o System compatible formulated for use with Grace waterproofing membrane systems Easy Paint on Application Water-based Materials Safe to Use Environmentally Friendly Easy Clean Up No Special Tools Required Available in Blue, Dark Grey, Grey, Tan, White Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 457BLM4G 4 GAL. CFQ 457794 1.5 GAL CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 113BT5 VERTICAL BT TII 5 GAL. CFQ 113BT5H HORIZONTAL BT TII 5 GAL. CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 279HLM5000R ROLLER GRADE CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 279250GC 5 GAL. CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 525MRLM5P 5 GAL. CFQ WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 861 2 G

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