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bentonite hot applied liquid-applied membranes SM MIRASEAL Fluid-applied waterproofing membrane !! o 100%-solids, elastomeric, solvent-free membrane !! o Tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates !! o Bridges structural/shrinkage cracks that develop in substrate !! o May also be used as a sealant !! o Ideal for areas where seamless, elastomeric waterproofing is required !! o 5-gallon pail BARRICOAT Spray applied, water-based waterproofing membrane !! o With a blend of synthetic rubbers and special additives, which cures to form a flexible, monolithic, waterproofing membrane on vertical or horizontal surfaces, above or below grade !! o Solution of special ingredients for curing Barriseal-S and Barricoat-S rubberized asphalt emulsions CCW MIRACLAY Bentonite clay waterproofing membrane !! o With uniform layer of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between puncture resistant nonwoven polypropylene fabric !! o Thermally fused fibers to the polypropylene in a patented Infrabond procedure that locks the sodium bentonite into place !! o For waterproofing below grade structural slabs as well as construction methods CCW-500R REINFORCED HOT APPLIED, LIQUID MEMBRANE SYSTEM A single component, rubberized asphalt compound that forms a tough, flexible, thick, waterproofing membrane !! o Adheres to any sound surface, vertical or horizontal !! o For waterproofing split slab construction projects, suited as the waterproofing membrane on roof decks CARLISLE 525 Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane !! o Cures to form a flexible, monolithic, waterproof membrane on vertical or horizontal surfaces, above or below grade !! o Membrane has tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates preventing lateral water migration !! o Membrane enables it to bridge structural or shrinkage cracks which may develop in the substrate PRODUCT NO. PRICE 456LA525V5 CFQ CCW-703/LIQUISEAL Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane !! o Self-curing membrane that forms a seamless, impermeable coating !! o Bonds tightly to substrate !! o Quick and easy mixing and application !! o Ideal for vertical applications CCW-711-90 MIL SHEET MEMBRANE AND FLASHING Self-adhering rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a high strength, heat resistant woven polypropylene mesh !! o Used in conjunction with CCW-500 hot applied membrane !! o May be used as a preformed first course on lightweight structural concrete !! o As a flashing, it provides a reinforced, uniform 90 mil layer on vertical surfaces while reinforcing cracks and joints PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456HAF71112 12"X45' CFQ 456HAF71118 18"X45' CFQ 456HAF71136 36"X45' CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456LS703V2G 2 GAL LIQUISEAL 703 VERTICAL CFQ 456LS703V4G 4 GAL LIQUISEAL 703 2 PART VERTICAL CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456HAP550G5 5GAL 550 PRIMER FOR HOT RUBBER CFQ 456HAM500 HOT APPLIED MEMBRANE CFQ 456HARF36 36"X667' REINFORCING FABRIC CFQ 456304972 CCW PROTECTION BOARD HORZ 100SF CFQ 456304928 5' X 40' VERTICAL PROTECTION BOARD CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 456317524 5 GAL. CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456BRCR5 5 GAL. ROLLER APPLIED CFQ 456BRCS55 55 GAL. SPRAY APPLIED CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 456CLAYSTOP BOX 1" X 3/4" X 16'8" CFQ 456CLAYSTOPR ROLL 1" X 3/4" X 16' CFQ 456MCG50 MIRACLAY GRANULAR BENTONITE 50 LB. CFQ 456MCLAY 70 SF ROLL MIRACLAY 5' X 14' CFQ 456MCLAYEF MIRACLAY SALT WATER 70 SQ. FT. 4-1/2" X 15-1/2' CFQ 456MCMASTIC5 MIRACLAY MASTIC 5 GAL. CFQ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 860

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