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sheet-applied membrane BITUTHENE 3000/4000 Waterproofing membrane and surface conditioner BITUTHENE 3000 !! o Membrane is a composite sheet of 56 mils of rubberized asphalt and 4 mils of cross-laminate, high-density polyethylene film. These two components combine to offer an extremely tough waterproofing barrier !! o Is ideal for waterproofing all structural concrete, masonry or wood surfaces BITUTHENE 4000 !! o System combines the Bituthene 4000 membrane (a composite sheet of 56 mils of rubberized asphalt and 4 mils of high-density polyethylene film) and Bituthene System 4000 Surface Conditioner which is used to condition all structural concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces on which the Bituthene 4000 waterproofing membrane is applied MEL-ROL Rolled, self-adhering waterproofing !! o Provides a cost effective, flexible, versatile, dependable, positive waterproofing protection against damaging moisture migration and the infiltration of free water !! o The product will help meet and maintain the maximum slab moisture transfer rate of 3 lbs./1,000 sq. ft./24 hours required by the flooring industry specifications !! o Available in a winter grade product, for use when air and surface temperatures are between 20F (-7C) and 60F (16C) !! o Offers a quick and easy-to-apply system for maximum productivity !! o Components work together for positive waterproofing protection !! o Special membrane-to-membrane adhesion provides additional overlap security !! o Meets or exceeds the test requirements of all currently applicable specifications !! o 38.5' wide x 62.5' long, one roll per carton !! o Provides 200 sq. ft. per roll ecurity cations PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 525MPV5 5 GAL. MELPRIME VOC PRIMER CFQ 525MRDS 50' MELROL DETAIL STRIP CFQ 525MRLM5P 5 GAL. MELROL LM 026387005 CFQ 525MRM38560 38-1/2" X 60' MELROL MEMBRANE CFQ 525MRMP1 1 GAL. MELROL WB PRIMER CFQ 525MRMP5 5 GAL. MELROL WB PRIMER CFQ 525MRMSB5 5 GAL. MELROL PRIMER SB CFQ 525PTM29 29 OZ. POINTING MASTIC CFQ 525PTM5 5 GAL. POINTING MASTIC CFQ 525MPV1 1 GAL. MEL-PRIME VOC CFQ 525PTB250 PLASTIC TERMINATION BAR CFQ 306PC2 1/8" X 4' X 8' CFQ 525PC3 1/4" X 4' X 8' CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 457B3000 BITUTHENE 3000 36" X 66.7" CFQ 457B4000 BITUTHENE 4000 WITH CONDITIONER 36" X 66.7" CFQ 457B40001266 BITUTHENE 4000 12" STRIP 12" X 66' CFQ 457GBM29OZ BITUTHENE MASTIC 29 OZ. CFQ 45713336 WP3000 BITUTHENE PRIMER 5 GAL. CFQ 45720189 BITUTHENE MASTIC 5 GAL. CFQ 457587 LOW TEMPERATURE MEMBRANE N/A CFQ WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 859 2 G

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