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blindside waterproofing sheet-applied membrane SM CCW MIRADRI 860/861 Sheet membrane waterproofing systems !! o MiraDRI 860 membrane is a summer grade material, suitable for installations where the ambient temperature is 40F (4.4C) or above !! o MiraDRI 861 should be used for applications between 25F (-3.9C) and 65F (18C) !! o Used for vertical and horizontal waterproofing on structural foundation walls and decks !! o Below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, split slabs, plaza decks, and parking decks PREPRUFE 300R PLUS Pre-applied waterproofing membrane !! o Proven, full adhered, chemical resistant HDPE membrane !! o Dual adhesive ZipLap technology for improved lap performance and efficient installation without the use of primers or fasteners !! o Release liner free kick-out designed to speed installation and reduce errors MIRAPLY Self-adhering blindside waterproofing membrane !! o Seals around fasteners !! o Tremendous impermeability and chemical resistance !! o Effective radon barrier !! o Bridges cracks and fully bonds to concrete !! o Used for vertical applications !! o 4' x 50' roll PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 45724576 4" X 49' PREPRUFE TAPE LT CFQ 45724806 4' X 98' PREPRUFE 300R CFQ 45724808 4' X 115' PREPRUFE 200 CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 456317108 4' X 50' MIRAPLY-V SA VERT MEMBRANE CFQ 456317109 4' X 50' MIRAPLY-H SA HORZ WP MEMBRANE CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION CFQ 456200V40 200V 40" X 200' CFQ 456300HV40 300HV 40" X 200' CFQ 456302952 SURE-SEAL SECURTAPE CFQ 456AWP1G 1 GAL. MIRADRI ALL WEATHER PRIMER CFQ 456AWP5G 5 GAL. MIRADRI ALL WEATHER PRIMER CFQ 456LM80030XL 30 OZ. LM800XL LIQUID MEMBRANE MASTIC TUBES CFQ 456LM8005XL 5 GAL. LM800XL LIQUID MEMBRANE MASTIC PAIL CFQ 456M70430 30 OZ. 704 MASTIC TUBES CFQ 456M7045 5 GAL. 704 MASTIC PAIL CFQ 456M860200 36" X 67' MIRADRI 860 MEMBRANE FLASHING CFQ 456M861200 36" X 67' 861 COLD TEMP MIRADRI FLASHING CFQ 456P702WB5G 5 GAL WATER BASE PRIMER CFQ 456SSTB SURE SEAL TERMINATION BAR SOLD/FT. CFQ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 858

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