Full Line Catalog Page 851 Chemicals, Repair Products, And Sealants

851 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING ADMIXTURE gravel mortar RIP RAP ROOF LEAK REPAIR All weather roof leak repair !! o Seals leaks on wet or dry surfaces !! o Works even under water or in driving rain !! o Easy cold or hot weather application !! o Meets or exceeds ASTM Specification D-4586, Type I and 100% wet surface adhesion per ASTM D-3409 !! o 7 year warranty on EXTERIOR USE ANCHORING CEMENT A pourable cement that develops strength greater than concrete - interior or exterior !! o Application: setting bolts, handrails, or anything metal to be anchored in concrete !! o Ideal for repairing loose wrought iron railings POLYMER-MODIFIED STONE VENEER MORTAR Portland cement and hydrated lime based mortar !! o Designed for veneer applications and tuck-pointing of manufactured and natural stone !! o 80 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 22730806004 $10.39 3/8" ALL PURPOSE PEA GRAVEL Use for landscaping, gardening, patios, tree wells, walks, rooftops, fish ponds and aquariums !! o As a decorative extension to stucco wall coating !! o Mix with Portland Cement and All Purpose Sand to make concrete !! o 50 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 227APG50 $7.79 ALL PURPOSE GRAVEL A multi-use product for a variety of decorative and landscaping applications !! o Also for making concrete !! o 3/8" pea gravel !! o 50 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 227PG50 $9.09 K-SET Non-corrosive, non-chloride accelerating admixture !! o Speeds setting times one to three hours !! o Protects from freezing during early mortar life !! o Increases protection for reinforcing !! o Produces high early strength !! o VOC compliant QUIKRETE RIP RAP A commercial grade blend of Portland cement and specially graded sand for erosion control applications !! o Requires no mixing or equipment to install !! o Allows for the elimination of forming and finishing procedures !! o Ideal for remote and accessible locations !! o 80 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 433113480 $8.19 CALCIUM CHLORIDE Use in cold weather to speed up setting time !! o Also used for snow and ice melt, dust control and soil stabilization !! o Clear, odorless liquid !! o pH Range: 9-10 2 G PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 113208WP11 11 OZ. $5.99 113208WP1 1 GAL. $30.99 113208WP5 5 GAL. $119.99 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 433124511 10 LB. PAIL $18.39 227124520 20 LB. PAIL $26.19 227124550 50 LB. PAIL $53.79 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 255KSET1 1 GAL. $25.99 255KSET5 5 GAL $72.49 255KSET55 55 GAL. CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 433CC100 1 GAL. $23.59 433CC100D 50 LB. BAG $55.79

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