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848 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM lubricants rags cleaning wipes MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT Leaves lubricating film that protects against rust and corrosion !! o Resists water wash-off !! o Specifically designed for the demands of industrial settings !! o 16 ounce can PRODUCT NO. PRICE 761273759 $10.19 PENETRATING LUBRICANT Provides constant lubrication while penetrating deeply to attack corroded areas !! o Loosens stuck threads and fittings, releases severely rusted parts !! o Leaves behind a protective coat of lubrication !! o Removes and protects against hidden deposits of rust !! o 16 ounce can PRODUCT NO. PRICE 761273920 $11.29 , HEAVY-DUTY DEGREASER Easily removes grime, grease, diesel, adhesive gum and more !! o Penetrates deeply to lift stubborn stains, great for tools, machinery, etc. !! o Professional-grade formula - for heavy-duty use !! o Safe to use anywhere you can use water !! o 16 ounce can PRODUCT NO. PRICE 761273928 $14.69 HEAVY DUTY BRAKE CLEANER Powerful, non-chlorinated solvent !! o Dries quickly - leaves no residue !! o Ultra-low VOCs - VOC-compliant nationwide !! o Cleans brake linings, drums, pads, etc. !! o Great for clutches and engine components !! o 16 ounce can PRODUCT NO. PRICE 761273929 $7.99 BLUE SHOP TOWELS Easily absorbs liquids, oils, and grease !! o Ideal for changing oil, refilling fluids and general automotive maintenance !! o Super strong - works when wet !! o 10-1/2" x 11" towels !! o 55 sheets per roll PRODUCT NO. PRICE 10475130 $3.89 WYPALL WATERLESS CLEANING WIPES Heavy-duty hand cleaning towels !! o Waterless dual textured hand wipe !! o 12.25" x 10.5" !! o 75 sheets PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 20891371 75 SHEETS/BUCKET $16.09 31234790 126 SHEETS/BOX $17.39 WHITE MIXED MATERIAL RAGS A great multiple use wiper !! o Light and medium weight material from shirts and blouses PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 312203W25 25 LBS $39.29 312203W50 50 LBS $71.19

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