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842 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM stucco mix finishes EXTERIOR INSULATION AND FINISHING SYSTEM Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) are multi-component exterior wall systems that consist of the following products !! o An air and water resistive barrier !! o An insulation board !! o An adhesive and/or mechanical attachment of the insulation board to the substrate or existing wall surface !! o A base coat reinforced with glass fiber mesh on the face of the insulation board !! o A finish coat which protects the entire system and can be applied in a wide variety of colors and textures PREBLENDED STUCCO MIX Premium stucco mix for scratch, brown and finish coats !! o Outstanding workability enables smooth spreading, lending itself to a quality finish !! o Extended mortar board life means less retempering in hot or windy climates !! o Superior adhesion !! o Reduced shrinking and cracking !! o Increased yield compared to field mixed stucco !! o Increased pumpability !! o Cures harder than many conventional stuccos !! o 80 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 24262400001 $8.09 STUCCO MIX Premium pre-mixed stucco material !! o Scratch, brown and color coat in as soon as 3 hours !! o Full thickness in a single application PRODUCT NO. PRICE 433RSSM50 $18.49 BASE COAT STUCCO A Portland cement based stucco used for construction and repair of stucco walls. Available in Extended Board-Life formulation !! o Use for: scratch and brown coat in a three-coat stucco application, apply directly to masonry walls in a two-coat stucco application, superior workability !! o Complies with ASTM C-926 requirements for cement based plaster PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 433113986 80 LB. STUCCO BASE COAT PUMP GRADE $9.49 227113980 80 LB. STUCCO BASE COAT $9.69 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 576355 38" X 150' STANDARD MESH $114.09 57635548 48" X 150' STANDARD MESH $130.19 576121 55 LB. ADHESIVE BASE COAT $48.99 57653410401 65 LB.. WHITE SAND FINE FINISH $53.59 57653010401 65 LB. WHITE SWIRL FINE FINISH $53.59 57653510401 65 LB. WHITE SAND COARSE FINISH $53.59 57653210401 65 LB. WHITE MULTI-TEXTURE PAREX $53.59 57653610401 65 LB. SANDSTONE FINISH WHITE $65.19 57653610418 65 LB. DARK SANDSTONE FINISH $46.19 57653010418 65 LB. DARK SWIRL FINE FINISH $63.09 57653410418 65 LB. DARK SAND FINE FINISH $68.89 57653510418 65 LB. DARK SAND COARSE FINISH $68.89

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