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84 SM guardrails STACKER BRACKET FRAME The primary support mechanism for the Stacker Bracket System !! o Durable welded steel !! o Great for eaves up to 18" !! o Platform is 17" down from top plate !! o Rails are 28" out from wall PARAPET GUARDRAIL CLAMP SYSTEM Economical and easy system !! o Can be easily installed by one person without ladders or scaffolding !! o Adjusts to wall widths between 4" to 24" !! o Complies with OSHA standards !! o Maximum spacing 8' apart !! o Post included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2631570 $165.59 PORTABLE GUARDRAIL SYSTEM Free-standing system eliminates surface penetration !! o Ergonomic handles allow for easy transportation and set-up !! o Fast and easy set-screw installation, insert rail and tighten !! o Rails available in 6', 8' and 10' lengths !! o Built-in rail and toe board receptacles !! o Rubber pad provides skid resistance and protects the roof surface PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2307900060 GALVANIZED GUARDRAIL BASE $322.59 2307900061 6' GUARDRAIL RAIL $197.69 2307900062 8' GUARDRAIL RAIL $228.89 2307900063 10' GUARDRAIL RAIL $249.69 52" UNIVERSAL GUARDRAIL POST Designed to work with a variety of Guardian guardrail mounting options !! o Installs easily into mounts PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12161133 $69.99 4" TOP CLAMP Provides a safe and separate hanging scaffolding system around the edge of a fall hazard !! o Attaches to stacker bracket frame !! o Eye bolt brings brackets flush to outside wall !! o Double safety mechanism with a grade 5 bolt and safety pin !! o For hanging scaffolding !! o Available in several sizes PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12161146 $51.59 GUARDRAIL RECEIVER Allows for the installation of guardrail systems flush against outside walls !! o Can be installed in both wood and concrete substrates !! o Powder-coated steel for superior durability and weather resistance !! o Reusable for multiple installations !! o Mounts with screws or nails !! o Tested for concrete 2000 psi or stronger r PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12115158 $33.49 GUARDRAIL STANDARD GUSSET MOUNT Allows for guardrail systems to be installed flush with outside wall !! o Compatible with both 2 x 4 boards and snap-on metal railing !! o Can be used multiple installations if undamaged !! o Mounts with screws or nails !! o For use with 61133 guardrail post series PRODUCT NO. PRICE 245SBGRG $4.99 y system d by one person affolding s between 4" to 24" standards apart PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 12161129 BRACKET FRAME $106.49 12161128 END RAIL $106.39 m ate DESCRIPTION BRACKET FRAME 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 84

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