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Moisture COntrol HYDRACURE S16 BLANKET For a wide range of weather conditions, HydraCure covers provide optimal hydration for proper curing at an affordable price !! o Provide more than a six percent material savings per 2' (.6 meters) of roll width and minimize installation time !! o Reduce cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs !! o Increase concrete strength and durability PRODUCT NO. WIDTH LENGTH PRICE 435HCB12100 12' 100' $379.99 435HCBS16381 10.5' 381' $465.19 RUGASOL SURFACE RETARDER Spray applied, water soluble liquid !! o Architectural quality appearance with original color and texture !! o Easy, economical removal of the concrete surface without laborious hacking, chipping or blasting required !! o No danger of acid residue from strong washing compounds !! o Easy to apply !! o Uniform coverage results PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 438RS5 5 GAL. $104.99 438RS55 55 GAL. CFQ ARDEX MC RAPID One-coat moisture control system for concrete to receive ARDEX underlayments !! o Four-hour cure for tight construction schedules !! o RH readings up to 100% !! o Completely alkali resistant !! o No sand broadcast required for underlayment applications of 1/4" (6 mm) or less !! o Walk on, prime and install Ardex underlayments in just 4 hours !! o 22 lbs. PRODUCT NO. PRICE 471MCRAPID $378.59 ARDEX MC ULTRA Two-coat moisture control system for concrete !! o RH readings up to 100% !! o Completely alkali reistant !! o Double sand broadcast !! o Install Ardex MC Ultra sealer 6 hours after sand broadcast !! o Install Ardex underlayment or topping 16 hours after sealer is installed !! o 10 lbs. PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 471PMC PRIMER $225.19 471SMC SEALER $225.19 EUCOBAR EVAPORATION RETARDER - CONCENTRATE Designed to be used as an evaporation retardant on concrete flatwork of all types !! o Holds in surface moisture on concrete floors, slabs and repairs !! o Helps prevent plastic shrinkage cracking !! o Easy and economical to use !! o Helps eliminate crusting caused by loss of surface moisture SPEC ETCH RETARDER Spray applied, chemical surface retarder specially engineered to expose the underlying aggregate of freshly placed horizontal concrete !! o Ready to use !! o Does not alter natural color of aggregate or concrete !! o Non-flammable !! o VOC compliant !! o Red dyed !! o Typical etch is 3/8" !! o 5 gallon pail PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 255SETCH5 STANDARD $91.19 255SETCHD5 DEEP ETCH $104.69 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 61902805 5 GAL. $156.29 61902855 55 GAL. CFQ 835 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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