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SM Cures Finishing Aids SPECFILM RTU EVAPORATION RETARDER Evaporation retardant and finishing aid on concrete flatwork of all types !! o Significantly reduces plastic shrinkage and cracking !! o Allows use of lower slump and lower water to cement ratio concrete !! o Reduces wind crusting, and sponginess !! o Dyed pink as visual application aid !! o VOC compliant !! o Aids in finishing concrete and repair mortars that produce little or no bleed water THE CURE Sprays on easily! !! o Eliminates cure-related concrete cracking !! o Sprays on easily in minutes with no blankets !! o Bond breaker can be applied the same day !! o No more blankets to transport, clean, repair and store PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 256WCE05 5 GAL. $202.79 256WCE55 55 GAL. CFQ SIKAFILM Evaporation retardant and finishing aid !! o Retards moisture evaporation and acts as a finishing aid for concrete flatwork !! o Protects concrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss in rapid drying conditions !! o An excellent finishing aid for extra smooth and durable concrete floors !! o Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking caused by high evaporation !! o Aids in the finishing of concrete !! o 5 gallon pail PRODUCT NO. PRICE 438155050 $149.99 MASTERKURE ER 50 EVAPORATION REDUCER Reduces moisture evaporation from freshly placed concrete !! o Reduced surface moisture evaporation about 80% in wind and about 40% in sunlight !! o Allows for longer working time in hot, dry or windy conditions !! o Reduces or eliminates crusting, stickiness and underlying sponginess R m n PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 220CONFILM1G 1 GAL. $61.79 220CONFILM5G 5 GAL. $282.69 220CONFILM55 55 GAL. CFQ CONCRETE SURFACE RETARDER "S" A water-based top surface retarder designed for poured-in-place flat-work and the top surface of precast panels !! o For exposed aggregate surfaces !! o Provides up to 1/4 in. depth retardation !! o Reduces cost of preparing surfaces for waterproofing, stucco or plaster application PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 61908005 5 GAL. $99.49 61908055 55 GAL. CFQ LYTHIC DAY 1 Colloidal silica-based troweling aid and curing agent !! o Slows surface evaporation giving finishers 15 - 45 minutes longer to finish the slab !! o Improves curing, aids in finishing and resists liquid penetration !! o Concentrated formula, dilute with water 4:1 ving ger PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 191LY1001 1 GAL. $146.09 191LY1005 5 GAL. $594.89 TOP-CAST RETARDER A water-based, top-surface retarder designed for poured-in-place flatwork and the top surface of precast panels !! o Excellent depth of etch control !! o Color coded products !! o Heavily pigmented for ease of application !! o Excellent coverage rates !! o Solvent free, odorless !! o Heat resistance up to 150F PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 250TC03G5 VIOLET $176.49 250TC05G5 POWDER BLUE $176.49 250TC15G5 YELLOW $176.49 250TC25G5 BEIGE $176.49 250TC50G5 CANARY GREEN $176.49 250TC75G5 BLUE $176.49 250TC125G5 PINK $176.49 250TC150G5 GREEN $176.49 250TC200G5 SALMON $176.49 PRODUCT NO. TYPE SIZE PRICE 255SFILM1 EVAPORATION RETARDER 1 GAL. $15.09 255SFILM5 EVAPORATION RETARDER 5 GAL. $63.89 255SFILM55 EVAPORATION RETARDER 55 GAL. CFQ 255SFILMC1 CONCENTRATE 1 GAL. $22.29 255SFILMC5 CONCENTRATE 5 GAL. $97.39 255SFILMC55 CONCENTRATE 55 GAL. CFQ 834 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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