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SM Page Header Goes Here 828 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies International GST Global Sealer Technologies Fiber reinforced: Superior flexural and tensile strength as thin as 1/4" High ductility, allowing the overlay or patch to 'FLEX' without failure 500 times the tensile strain capacity of other cement-based products 10 times the bond strength of other fibers for superior crack resistance Prevents the propagation of existing cracks through the surface Resists de-icing salts, freeze/thaw Highly impermeable, high abrasion resistance Available in Three Formulations - Just Add Water 4000 PSI in 4 hours (DOT Mix) The World's Most Amazing Cementitious Patch and Overlay Product! Elephant Armor can be applied directly over 'alligator skin' asphalt without deconstruction Concrete overlay without removing failed substrate before after Vertical concrete repair without the need of forming Use Elephant Armor to create outdoor work-tops, mantles, etc. Overhead repairs are easy with Elephant Armor Elephant Armor can be trowelled, rolled, sprayed, stamped and stained. after before Applications include: Bridge Repair Culverts Sidewalk Repair ICF Coating Wall Repair Curb Repair Crack & Spall Pot Holes Decorative Overlay Structural Underlayment Alligatored (broken) Asphalt

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