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Repair Restoration EUCO 700 Semi-rigid industrial floor joint filler !! o Semi-rigid formula that allows for limited temperature and humidity movement of concrete !! o Reduces floor joint repairs and maintenance !! o Suitable for filling cracks in older floors to reduce the rate of deterioration EUCO QWIKSTITCH Fast setting crack and spall repair !! o Can be applied at a range of thicknesses with the use of dry sand aggregate !! o Convenient cartridges eliminate full unit mixing !! o Wide application temperature range: 0F to 115F (-17C to 46C) !! o Suitable for filling cracks in older floors PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619693Q92 9 OZ. DUAL CARTRIDGE $38.79 619693Q94 22 OZ. DUAL CARTRIDGE $59.09 22 OZ. DURAL FAST SET LV EPOXY !! o Fast setting for quick turnaround !! o Multi-purpose epoxy for anchor bolt setting, sealing cracks, bonding and concrete repair !! o Extremely fast setting !! o Can contribute to LEED points PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 619TD5324122 LOW VISCOSITY $54.79 619TD5323122 GEL $39.39 EUCO QWIKJOINT 200 AND UVR Polyurea joint filler !! o Fast cure time !! o Long shave time window !! o Moisture insensitive !! o Convenient 1:1 ratio !! o Will cure at low temperatures !! o No bubbles - no foaming !! o Can also be used for crack repair PRODUCT NO. SIZE TYPE PRICE 61969394 22 OZ. QWIKJOINT 200 CFQ 619693K10 10 GAL. QWIKJOINT 200 CFQ 619QJUVR10GA 10 GAL. QWIKJOINT UVR CFQ DURAL 452 GEL ASTM C 881 compliant, high modulus adhesive !! o Excellent adhesive for bonding together concrete, steel, ceramic or wood materials !! o Anchoring bolts, dowels, and pins !! o Designed for use at temperature of 40 F (4 C) and above !! o Low viscosity version for crack filling PRODUCT NO. SIZE TYPE PRICE 619002G95 20 OZ. GEL $45.99 619002M95 22 OZ. GEL $47.39 619002G01 1 GAL. GEL $106.39 619002L01 1 GAL. LOW VISCOSITY $140.09 619002L01C 3 GAL. LOW VISCOSITY $100.29 619002M01 1 GAL. MEDIUM VISCOSITY $106.39 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619042402 2 GAL. KIT $179.99 827 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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