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SM REPAIR RESTORATION FIBER-REINFORCED DECK MIX Portland cement-based, high early strength 6,000 psi concrete mix !! o Improved freeze-thaw durability and crack resistance !! o Integral corrosion inhibitor PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 227125180 80 LB. BAG $14.59 RAPID ROAD REPAIR Fast setting, alkali resistant, fiberglass reinforced repair mortar !! o Used to replace sections on concrete where quick return to usage is required !! o Ideal for streets, runways, bridges, taxiways, etc. !! o Contains AR glass fibers for improved flexural performance PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 433124251 50 LB. BAG $28.49 227RAPRDREP 80 LB. BAG $26.79 FASTSET DOT MIX For use in structural concrete repair, bridge decks, roadways and parking deck applications !! o 1/2" to 24" thick repairs !! o Exceeds requirements of ASTM C-928 R-3 !! o Exceeds DOT region 3 requirements PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 433124456 55 LBS. $25.69 227124481 80 LBS. $28.69 ELEPHANT ARMOR DOT INDUSTRIAL GRADE MORTAR Single component, cementitious, fiber reinforced, ultra-fast setting patch and overlay repair mortar !! o Can be placed with a textured roller, traditional placement tools or other high volume application equipment !! o High early and superior bond strength (4,000 psi in 4 hours) !! o Strong resistance to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and abrasion !! o Shrink compensated PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 733GST523B 50 LB. BAG $48.99 ELEPHANT ARMOR ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE MORTAR Single component, cementitious, fiber reinforced, medium to fast setting patch and overlay repair mortar !! o Can be placed with a textured roller or traditional placement tools !! o Can be shaped or molded to a minimum thickness of 1/4" !! o Unparalleled structural flexibility and tensile strength !! o Used to create seamless floors without control or expansion joints PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 733GST521B 50 LB. BAG $45.59 THIN SET For setting glazed wall tile, ceramic mosaics, pavers and quarry tile !! o Formulated for maximum workability to allow correct bedding thickness and notching control !! o For interior or exterior use !! o Use on masonry, concrete, brick, plaster and gypsum !! o Gray PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 227TSG50 50 LB. BAG $26.29 FASTSET REPAIR MORTAR Very rapid hardening, polymer modified concrete repair mortar !! o For making structural repairs in vertical, overhead, and horizontal applications !! o Exceeds ASTM C928 R -2 requirements !! o Can be extended with up to 30 lbs. of 1/2" gravel PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 227124150 50 LB. PAIL $36.99 227124160 60 LB. BAG $23.89 EUCOPATCH One-part patching and repair material !! o One component material, ready to use with only the addition of water !! o Fast setting !! o Designed for patches up to 4" !! o Resistant to freeze-thaw " PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619065A50 50 LB. BAG $33.79 619065A60 60 LB. PAIL $49.39 826 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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