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repair restoration MASTEREMACO STRUCTURAL REPAIR MORTARS !! o Integral corrosion inhibitor !! o Shrinkage compensated !! o Low permeability !! o Freeze-thaw and sulfate-resistant !! o 55 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION TYPE PRICE 220S66CI MASTEREMACO S66C5/S466CI LARGE VOLUME REPAIRS CFQ 220S77CI MASTEREMACO S77CI/S 477CI FLOWABLE REPAIR COLUMN/BEAM REPAIR CFQ 220S88CI MASTEREMACO S88/S488CI STRUCTURAL REPAIR VERTICAL/OVERHEAD REPAIRS CFQ PREPARE REPAIR ANYWHERE ARDEX BACA Bonding & Anti-Corrosion Agent coating that bonds to new or old concrete and to mortar. ARDEX BACA protects reinforcing steel against rust and corrosion. 90-minute pot life 24-hour open time Second coat in 30 to 45 minutes Only 20 mils over concrete or metal Allows concrete to breathe Installs 1/2 to 4 inches neat, up to 8" when extended with aggregate Formable, pourable, pumpable six hours High Modulus of Elasticity: 3.8 million psi al Allows concrete t ARDEX TRM Transportation Repair Mortar A fast setting, microsilica -modified, structural repair mortar that is approved by many State Departments of Transportation across the U.S. White Cap Direct: 800-944-8322 MASTEREMACO T 545 DOT Single component chemical action repair mortar !! o Only air curing required !! o Wide temperature use range !! o Superior bonding !! o Very low drying shrinkage !! o Sulfate, freeze-thaw cycle, and deicing chemical resistant !! o Reaches 2,000 psi compressive strength in 1 hour !! o Thermal expansion and contraction !! o 50 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 220SET45HW HOT WEATHER REPAIR MORTAR CFQ 220SET45CT D.O.T. REPAIR MORTAR CFQ 220SET45R REGULAR CFQ MASTEREMACO N 426 RAPID VERTICAL PATCH Fast-setting polymer-modified vertical patching mortar !! o Polymer modification improves adhesion and increases freeze-thaw stability !! o Application friendly !! o Non-sag consistency able to be placed in 1" (25 mm) thick lifts PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1711006539 60 LB. PAIL $93.89 ARDEX OVP Finishing compound for overhead and vertical concrete walls !! o Portland cement-based !! o Fills gouges, dents or holes !! o Up to 300 sq. ft. per bag at skimcoat !! o 90-minute pot life, 30-minute working time !! o Sandable, sealable, and paintable PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 471OVP 20 LB. BAG $56.39 471FDM 50 LB. BAG $38.79 471ERM 55 LB. BAG $47.89 825 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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