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82 SM debris netting guardrails PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION GUARDRAIL Acts as a barrier preventing personnel from falling to lower levels, eliminating the fall hazard !! o Mounts in both parapet and edge grab configurations !! o Adjustable clamping system from 6" to 24" !! o Supports both wood and concrete structures !! o Extremely rugged and corrosion-resistant !! o For use with standard 2 x 4 wood materials (user supplied) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2307901000 $209.99 BLACK PRO-KNIT FR RATED DEBRIS NETTING Designed and manufactured with a specialized double-strand configuration !! o Fire-retardant and ultraviolet protective coatings !! o Meets OSHA's Guardrail Standard 1926.502 - Subpart M !! o Third party tested !! o Reinforced hem !! o 70% shade mesh SBN-22 SAFETY DEBRIS NETTING Orange !! o Fire-retardant: meets NFPA 701 Method II !! o Knitted high-density polyethylene mesh with 1/4" hole openings !! o Lightweight, UV-treated, and long-lasting !! o Reinforced hem !! o Meets OSHA requirements !! o 5'6" x 150' PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104SBN22BL5 $166.99 I g PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 10470008 66" W X 150' L $658.29 10470010 15' W X 150' L $915.99 DEBRIS NETTING PLATE Used to secure vertical debris netting to the deck !! o Spaced at 5' intervals, placed over netting skirt at bottom, secured with single 16D nail !! o To be used in conjunction with netting clips PRODUCT NO. PRICE 10470014 .69 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 82

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