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Bonding Agents MASTEREMACO A 660 LIQUID ADMIXTURE Improves adhesion, cohesion, tensile, compressive, and flexural-strengths of cement-based materials !! o Improves freeze-thaw stability of Portland cement-based materials !! o Will not re-emulsify !! o Excellent chemical and UV resistance PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 171ACRYL60G 1 GAL. $40.69 171ACRYL60P 5 GAL. $150.69 171ACRYL6055 55 GAL. CFQ TAMMSWELD BONDING AGENT Rewettable liquid bonding agent and polymer modifier for concrete and mortar !! o Increases bond strength !! o Interior and exterior use !! o Improves durability !! o Provides long open time !! o Applications: concrete, brick, tile, stone, concrete block, plaster, gypsum board, lath, plywood, hardboard, wood interior and exterior surfaces PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619THHWJ01 1 GALLON $41.29 619THHWP05 5 GALLON $159.19 AKKRO-7T BONDING AGENT Non-redispersable, liquid bonding admixture used to produce polymer modified concrete and mortar !! o Increases flexural and tensile-strength !! o Applications: cement-based coatings, toppings, patching mortars, leveling compounds, stucco, and terrazzo PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 63555335 1 GALLON $41.09 619553355 5 GALLON $152.09 STRONG BOND ACRYLIC BONDER Improve adhesion and durability !! o Improves the flexural-strength, bond-strength, and impact resistance of mortars and concrete !! o Exhibits excellent resistance to cycles of freezing and thawing and to penetration of chloride ions !! o Minimizes cracks in concrete, stucco and plaster when used as an admixture PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 255ABOND1 1 GAL. $22.99 255ABOND5 5 GAL. $99.99 255ABOND55 55 GAL. DRUM CFQ DURALPREP A.C. Epoxy/Portland cement bonding agent and anti-corrosion coating !! o Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel !! o Allows flexibility in topping placement, including traffic from ready mix trucks when tack-free !! o Bonding agent plus corrosion protection - one product does both PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619TD2353899 1 GAL. KIT $93.79 619TD2353850 3.7 GAL. KIT $257.29 ARMATEC 110 Three-part kit - bonding agent and reinforcement protection !! o Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel !! o Excellent bonding bridge for cement or epoxy-based repair mortars !! o Can be used in exterior, on-grade applications !! o Contains corrosion inhibitors !! o Spray, brush or roller application !! o Solvent free SPECPREP SB Structural, concrete-bonding agent and anti-corrosion coating !! o Excellent anti-corrosion protection for steel reinforcing !! o 24-hour open time structural bonding agent !! o Breathable for exterior on-grade application !! o Easy to apply consistency spray or brush !! o Ideal for form and pour applications PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 255PRETSB1 1 GAL. KIT $83.99 255PRETSB375 3.75 GAL. KIT $179.99 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 43818202 1.65 GAL. KIT $219.99 43818230 3.5 GAL. KIT $284.99 813 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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