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CEMENT PORTLAND CEMENT Can be mixed with aggregate and other ingredients to make concrete mix, mortar mix, and base coat stucco !! o Type I Cement - General Purpose !! o Type II Cement - Sulfate Resistant !! o Type III Cement - High Early Strength !! o Type V Cement - High Sulfate Resistance e ROYAL WHITE PORTLAND CEMENT Used for architectural projects as a base cement and for highway infrastructure for traffic safety purposes due to its brightness and reflectivity PLASTIC CEMENT Blended cement specifically designed for use with plaster sand to make base coat stucco !! o Complies with ASTM C1328 Type M and S !! o 94 lb. bag QUICK-SETTING CEMENT Specially formulated to set in approximately 10-15 minutes !! o Can be molded or sculpted into place !! o 50 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 433124050 $20.59 HAWAIIAN CEMENT Cement can be mixed with aggregate, sand, and water to make concrete or mix cement, hydrated lime, and water for mortar !! o 94 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 433CMH94 $19.99 MASONRY CEMENT Blended cement specifically designed for use with plasters and to make base coat stucco !! o Meets or exceeds all the requirements specified in ASTM C91 !! o 75 lb. bag RAPID SET CEMENT High-performance, fast-setting cement !! o Hardens to structural and drive on strength in 1 hour !! o Over 8,000 psi ultimate strength !! o Mix with your choice of aggregates and admixtures for custom mix designs !! o 88 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 433RSC88 $45.99 PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT DESCRIPTION PRICE 433PCT194 94 LBS. TYPE I PORTLAND $13.39 227PCT1247 47 LBS. TYPE I/II PORTLAND $9.29 227PCT1294 94 LBS. TYPE I/II PORTLAND $13.89 433RVT2594 94 LBS. TYPE II/V RIVERSIDE $12.29 433PCT394 94 LBS. TYPE III PORTLAND $23.09 227PCT594 94 LBS. TYPE V PORTLAND $12.79 PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT PRICE 433WC94 92.6 LBS. $22.09 433PCT194W 94 LBS. $23.49 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 433RVPLC94 PLASTIC CEMENT RIVERSIDE $14.49 227PLC94 PLASTIC CEMENT $16.89 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 433MMTN71 TYPE N GRAY MASONRY CEMENT $11.59 433MCTS75 TYPE S MASONRY CEMENT $9.29 433PCTLN76 TYPE N LIME LEHIGH PORTLAND $13.59 433PCL75 TYPE S LIME PORTLAND CEMENT $12.69 807 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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