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SM SEALANTS CAULKS KWIK FOAM INSULATION SEALANT Tan polyurethane foam that expands to fill and seal large gaps and cavities !! o Weatherproofs, insulates and sound proofs !! o Stops air infiltration !! o Will not shrink or degrade !! o Contains a flame retardant !! o Contains no formaldehyde PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 27918230 12 OZ. $12.29 27918232 24 OZ. $17.79 ALEX PAINTERS ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK Durable seal to prevent air and moisture from passing through cracks and joints !! o Flexible seal !! o 25 year durability guarantee !! o Indoor and outdoor use !! o Adheres to wood, plaster, drywall and masonry PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 27918065 10 OZ. WHITE $2.09 27918618 10 OZ. 12-PACK $24.99 ALEX PLUS ACRYLIC LATEX CAULK PLUS SILICONE Superior quality, interior and exterior use !! o Durable, flexible seal !! o Easy water clean-up !! o Exceeds ASTM C834 PRODUCT NO. SIZE COLOR PRICE 27918130 10 OZ. TUBE ALMOND $3.59 27918156 10 OZ. TUBE CLEAR $3.59 27918118 10 OZ. TUBE SLATE GRAY $3.59 27918101 10 OZ. TUBE WHITE $3.59 27918126 10 OZ. TUBE BLACK $3.59 27918128 5.5 OZ. TUBE WHITE $3.49 27918660 12-10 OZ. TUBES CLEAR $39.99 27918656 12-10 OZ. TUBES WHITE $39.99 QUAD ALL-SEASON FORMULA Superior performance on exterior window, door, siding, and trim applications !! o All-weather, will not freeze, adheres to wet or dry surfaces !! o Permanently flexible and paintable !! o Meets stringent state and federal VOC regulations !! o Adheres to aluminum, brick, wood, concrete, vinyl, fiber cement, plastics, glass, etc. !! o 10 fluid ounce cartridge ble al PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 279QUADBG BEIGE $7.99 279QUADCL CLEAR $7.99 279QUADA ALMOND $7.99 279QUADC CEDAR $7.99 279QUADW WHITE $7.99 279QUADG GRAY $7.99 SIKA COLOR PAKS FOR SIKAFLEX 2C For adding color to Sikaflex 2c Sealant PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 438420162 ALUMINUM GRAY $7.99 438420163 BLACK $7.99 43842016Z BRONZE $7.99 43842016B BUFF $7.99 438420166 CAPITOL TAN $7.99 438420165 COLONIAL WHITE $7.99 438420169 DARK BRONZE $7.99 43842216D DESERT TAUPE $7.99 43842216C EGGSHELL CREAM $7.99 438420167 LIMESTONE $7.99 438422163 MEDIUM BROWN $7.99 438420168 PRECAST $7.99 43842016R REDWOOD $7.99 43842216V SIERRA BEIGE $7.99 43842216T TAN $7.99 438420161 WHITE $7.99 WHITE PRECAST EGGSHELL CREAM BUFF TAN MEDIUM BROWN DESERT TAUPE BRONZE SIERRA BEIGE LIMESTONE COLONIAL WHITE BLACK REDWOOD DARK BRONZE CAPITOL TAN ALUMINUM GRAY SikaFlex Color Guide A helpful guide for seeing each color before you purchase * Colors show approximate tone without any texture and color of actual product may vary slightly. Custom color available with adequate lead time and minimum batch requirements. Please consult with your Sales Representative for further information and pricing. ** Color representation will vary between screens. For more accurate colors, consult a cured sample or a physical color card. 800 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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