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80 SM ladder accessories LOCK-N-CLIMB Fall protection ladder attachment for extension ladders !! o Adds safety and security to extension ladders !! o Strong and stable !! o Corrosion-resistant 6061 grade aluminum !! o Spring loaded attaches easily !! o Guardian Fall Exclusive patented product y LEVEL MASTER Level adjustments up to 8-1/2" !! o Automatically locks in place !! o Two sided !! o Plated steel swivel shoe PRODUCT NO. PRICE 245PK802 $157.99 LADDER INSPECTION TAGS Durable safety tags that work effectively in extreme environments !! o PF-Cardstock: Tear-resistant, waterproof, pulp-free - no wood pulp or paper content !! o 25 per pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 333TRS248CTP $13.99 HOOK AND V-RUNG ASSEMBLY Adjustable up to 10" !! o Used on extension ladders for securing to telephone poles PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2459288 $72.99 SAFE-T LADDER RAIL EXTENSION SYSTEM Aluminum design makes the ladder system lightweight !! o Installs without the use of tools !! o Extends 36" above the roof !! o Grips prevent slipping !! o Guardian Fall Exclusive patented product !! o Slip-resistant surface on back !! o Meets all applicable OSHA/ANSI standards t s PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12110800 $203.59 2 RUNG- LONG BODY LADDER JACKS Long body style attaches to two rungs !! o Supports 12", 14" and 20" wide stages or planks !! o 2 per pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 245AC102002 $177.99 BASEMATE LADDER LEVELER Features extra wide footprint for a stable platform on uneven surfaces !! o Adjustable feet with ice pick feature and non-slip rubber feet keep ladder from moving out of position !! o Basemate Easy Connect is tested to exceed ANSI Type 1A and CSA Grade 1 weight requirements !! o Installs without tools !! o Guardian Fall Exclusive patented product PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2632475 $325.29 LADDER RUNG STEP Designed to reduce worker fatigue by expanding the foot support !! o Easily attached and lightweight !! o Requires no tools to install !! o Easily fits to most ladders in just seconds !! o Constructed of reinforced aluminum !! o Provides more stability while working on step ladders and extension ladders !! o Guardian Fall Exclusive patented product PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2452477 $54.89 LADDER STABILIZER Holds ladder 10" away from wall - great for gutter and overhangs !! o Paint can hook included !! o Fits rails up to 3-5/16" x 1-3/16" !! o For use on aluminum ladders only PRODUCT NO. PRICE 245AC96 $40.99 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 2452460 FITS 16'-20' LADDERS $223.99 2452465 FITS 24'-40' LADDERS $238.09 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 80

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