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SM CAULK GUNS ACCESSORIES DISPENSING SOLUTIONS 7-PIECE CAULK SPATULA SET Durable, premium grade stainless steel !! o Ground and polished, optimum flex !! o Sized for joints from 3/8" to 1-1/2" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638958G01 $57.39 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS 11 OZ. SKELETON B1 CAULKING GUN No drip !! o Used with all standard viscosity materials PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638B1 $9.79 PRODUCT NO. PRIC DISPENSING SOLUTIONS SAUSAGE GUN 12:1 thrust ratio, 20 ounce sausages !! o Double gripping plate technology for long life, convenient rotating swivel handle, durable sausage pistons Includes: 3 #873-3 Cone Nozzles, 3 #873-2 Tube Nozzles, 2 #873-6 sausage piston cups and #873-35 bulk piston cup PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638B12S20 $62.99 , g p p d #873-35 bulk piston cup RODUCT NO. PR DISPENSING SOLUTIONS RATCHET ROD CARTRIDGE GUN 6:1 ratchet drive !! o Black powder coated !! o Features include nozzle cutter, puncture wire, ladder hook, and wrist strap !! o 11 ounce PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638R6B $11.59 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS ONE QUART RATCHET CARTRIDGE GUN 6:1 drive, one quart !! o Economical tool for light-to-medium duty !! o Features nozzle cutter, puncture wire, ladder hook, and wrist strap PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638R6BQ $19.99 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS SMOOTH ROD BULK GUN 2" diameter barrel !! o Leather pistons and steel barrel !! o 30 oz. capacity minimizes reload !! o 18" barrels PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 279DL59T13 1 QT. METAL NOZZLE $99.79 279DL59T17 1 QT. PLASTIC NOZZLE $106.59 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS SMOOTH ROD CARTRIDGE GUNS Use with all standard viscosity materials !! o 1/10 gallon and 1 quart versions (1/10 gallon shown) PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 638B12 1/10 GAL. CAULK GUN $31.49 638B12Q 1 QT. CAULK GUN $36.79 als quart versions wn) MIXING NOZZLE Incorporated mixing nut makes installation fast and easy !! o Square mixer reduces waste by 35% !! o Superior mixing via intermittent flow inverters !! o The flow inverters effectively channel adhesive from the walls into the center of the mixer resulting in more complete mixing PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 579T3412C 3/4" X 1/2" $4.39 579T3438C 3/4" X 3/8" $4.69 579T3438S 3/4" X 3/8" ULTRABOND $4.59 SEALANT NOZZLES The perfect solution for tight spaces !! o Fits all standard Albion bulk/sausage front cap DISPENSING SOLUTIONS PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2793249 3/16" BEAD DIAMETER $4.79 2793288 3/8" BEAD DIAMETER $5.29 2793255 1/2" BEAD DIAMETER $6.29 6388732 B-LINE CLEAR NARROW $1.39 6388733 B-LINE BLACK CONE $2.09 6382353 ALBION ORANGE CONE $2.09 DISPENSING TOOLS "In-line" rod-system & friction plate !! o 26:1 fast action ratio !! o Double griping plates and steel drigger !! o For low and high viscosity materials PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 579TM9HD 9 OZ. $43.09 579TM16HD 16 OZ. $90.09 579TM22HD 22 OZ. $95.99 579TM28HD 28 OZ. $141.09 579TM33HD 33 OZ. $105.59 579TM9HD 579TM22HD 796 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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