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ANCHORING ADHESIVES !! o HS-200 One of the strongest adhesives in the industry !! o Long working time with a quick cure time !! o Moisture insensitive - may be used in damp environments !! o May be used in concrete, hollow block, brick, clay, and stone !! o Perfect for vertical, horizontal, and screen applications PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 579A16HS200 16 OZ. CARTRIDGE $22.19 579A33HS200 33 OZ. CARTRIDGE $30.99 ULTRABOND 1300 Most popular formula D.O.T. !! o Long working time with a quick cure time !! o Use in damp environments !! o Use in rebar dowel and anchor installations where dynamic, vibratory or intermittent loads exist !! o Exceptional strength, maximum field reliability and a high heat deflection (131 F) !! o Meets ASTM C881, Type I, II, IV, & V, Grade 3, Class A, B, & C PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 579A91300 9 OZ. CARTRIDGE $22.19 579A531300 53 OZ. CARTRIDGE $44.19 579BUG1300 1 GALLON KIT 1300 NS EPOXY $45.99 579B2G1300 2 GALLON KIT $94.69 579A221300N 22 OZ. CARTRIDGE W/NOZZLE $24.89 579BUG2100 1 GAL KIT 2100 MV EPOXY $52.99 579B10GM1300 10GAL KIT 1300S ULTRABOND EPOXY $509.29 579BUG2300 1GAL KIT $45.99 795 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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