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792 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM CLEANERS DEGREASERS SOLVENTS NEUTRALIZING RINSE AND CLEANER Neutralizes harmful acid residue before sealing !! o Prevents acid/sealer failures !! o Makes up to 10 gallons of solution !! o Phosphate-free !! o Environmentally responsible PRODUCT NO. PRICE 327GNSNR2LB $16.79 99% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL !! o Dissolves a wide range of compounds !! o Evaporates quickly PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 113CXIPAM41 1 GAL $32.89 113CXIPAM05 5 GAL $103.09 CRETE AWAY The fastest working concrete remover in the industry !! o Acid-based product !! o Use dilution: 6 - 20 oz./gal. PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 255WCCRA5 5 GAL. $108.19 255WCCRA55 55 GAL. CFQ NEUTRAL CLEANER Safe, everyday cleaner for concrete, tile, natural stone and vinyl floors !! o Safe and biodegradable !! o No-rinse formula !! o Cleans 5,000 to 10,000 square feet per gallon PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327GNSNC1G 1 GAL. $33.49 MURIATIC ACID Cleans and etches concrete, brick, and most natural stone !! o Always wear rubber gloves and protective clothing !! o Avoid vapors and if in a confined area wear an OSHA approved breathing mask PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 113CRMAP01 1 GAL. $14.09 ORANGE PEEL Biodegradable citrus-based solvent and degreaser !! o VOC compliant !! o Biodegradable !! o Non-etching PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 255C21 1 GAL. $51.29 255C25 5 GAL. $250.49 EFFLORESCENCE REMOVER Removes white powdery residue from concrete and brick !! o Safer than muriatic acid !! o Use on plain concrete and decorative concrete, unglazed tile, porous stone, and masonry !! o Also removes grout haze, cement smears, and rust stains PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327ER1G 1 GAL. $33.49

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