Full Line Catalog Page 791 Chemicals, Repair Products, And Sealants

Cleaners Strippers 700DG DEGREASER All purpose surface cleaner !! o General surface cleaning !! o Makes up to 32 gallons !! o No phosphates !! o 1 gallon PRODUCT NO. PRICE 578DF1GWD $29.99 500MR MASTIC REMOVER Environmentally friendly mastic remover !! o Removes asbestos, carpet and tile mastics !! o Easy clean-up !! o No odor !! o Low VOC !! o Made with soybeans PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 578M11GWD 1 GAL. $44.69 578M15GWD 5 GAL. $178.29 740AD ADHESIVE REMOVER Graffiti and adhesive remover !! o Uses: remove graffiti, grease, tar, tape, and adhesive residues PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 578ICIGWD 1 GAL. $78.09 5781C5GWD 5 GAL. $367.59 600GL COATINGS REMOVER Professional stripper for decorative concrete !! o Removes concrete surface sealers, lead-based paints, urethanes and most other coatings !! o Removes multiple coatings in one application !! o Made with soybeans PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 578SGQTWD 1 QT. $27.99 578SGIGWD 1 GAL. $89.19 578SG5GWD 5 GAL. $355.89 PROSOCO pioneered the market for masonry cleaners and protective treatments more than 75 years ago, and we've been right there with our customers to help solve their problems ever since. You. Us. The project. I've got this white I!!!-{.w MF!{y!8Previous Page
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