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SM Masonry Cleaners Water Repellents 600 DETERGENT General purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile, and concrete !! o Dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly !! o Safer than muriatic acid !! o The No. 1 selling proprietary cleaner for new masonry PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 5351002001 1 GAL. $25.79 5351002005 5 GAL. $72.49 5351002055 55 GAL. $595.59 BLOK-GUARD & GRAFFITI CONTROL II Water-based graffiti and water repellent for porous masonry !! o Protects interior and exterior masonry surfaces without altering the natural appearance !! o Simplifies graffiti removal !! o 5 gallons PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5354009305 $213.89 LS/CS Blended, reactive silicate hardener/densifier and dustproofer for concrete !! o Provides excellent abrasion resistance !! o Easy, one-step application !! o No scrubbing, flushing, or caustic wastewater PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 5354606905 5 GAL. $130.69 5354606955 55 GAL. CFQ LS GUARD Glossy sealer and protective treatment for concrete !! o Protects and enhances the color intensity of integrally colored and stained concrete !! o Ideal for application to standard grey or colored concrete !! o Maximizes light reflectance and eliminates need for floor waxes !! o 5 gallons PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5354607305 $456.89 SLX100 WATER AND OIL REPELLENT Prevents staining by waterborne and oily substances !! o Maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than conventional silanes !! o Treated surfaces "breathe", does not trap moisture !! o Complies with all national and state AIM VOC regulations RESTORATION CLEANERS Carbon and pollution remover !! o Cleans brick, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, and many exposed granite surfaces !! o Proven effective for cleaning dirty and heavily carbonated buildings !! o Safer than sandblasting !! o Will not pit or damage masonry when properly applied PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 5352003005 SURE KLEAN $112.99 5352003905 LIGHT DUTY $233.59 5352003205 HEAVY DUTY $178.29 VANA TROL Sensitive brick and stone cleaner !! o Concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces subject to metallic stains !! o Slow drying !! o Safe for use on most unpolished natural or cast stone !! o For use with colored mortar r PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 5351003001 1 GAL. $29.99 5351003005 5 GAL. $155.89 5351003055 55 GAL. CFQ HEAVY-DUTY CONCRETE CLEANER Concentrated powder cleaner for concrete !! o Removes concrete splashes, excess mortar, retarders, efflorescence, embedded stains, rust, and soiling from textured concrete surfaces !! o Improves color and uniformity of most standard and colored concrete, precast panel, and concrete block surfaces PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5353009001 $35.69 LIGHT-DUTY CONCRETE CLEANER General-purpose and new construction stain remover !! o Removes stains, dirt, and smears without altering the surface texture !! o Improves color uniformity and appearance !! o Contains no muriatic acid !! o Can be rinsed with water !! o 1 gallon R PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5353008802 $57.79 MASONRY CLEANER AND SEALERS 5 gallon buckets !! o Cleaners: Remove stains from masonry surfaces !! o Sealers: Protects against water penetration and many types of graffiti PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 5353500105 CUSTOM CLEANER $94.59 5353500205 CUSTOM SEALER $365.99 5353500305 BURNISHED CUSTOM CLEANER $183.49 LS High-performance concrete products !! o LS : High performance sealer, hardener, and densifier !! o LS Klean: Concentrated maintenance cleaner PRODUCT NO. SIZE DESCRIPTION PRICE 5354006805 5 GAL. LS $280.69 5354606855 55 GAL. LS CFQ 5354608001 1 GAL. LS KLEAN $55.59 5354608005 5 GAL. LS KLEAN $221.79 SILOXANE PD Silane/siloxane water repellent !! o Penetrates deeply for long- lasting protection on vertical or horizontal surfaces !! o Treated surfaces "breathe", does not trap moisture PRODUCT NO. SIZE TYPE PRICE 5354002701 1 GAL. PREDILUTED $40.39 5354002705 5 GAL. PREDILUTED $155.49 5354002501 1 GAL. CONCENTRATE $324.29 5354002505 5 GAL. CONCENTRATE $1,275.69 PRODUCT NO. QUANTITY PRICE 5355505501 1 GAL. $305.09 5355505505 5 GAL. $1,029.99 790 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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