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782 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM Deck Coatings STAMP-IT Decorative textured surfaces !! o 1/4" polymer modified cementitious overlay !! o Creates the look of stamped concrete PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 307TC020050 WHITE SMOOTH TEXTURE CEMENT 50 LB. BAG $25.09 307TC06P0050 TC-6 STAMP TEXTURE CEMENT 50 LB. BAG $38.79 307TC035250 GRAY MEDIUM TEXTURE CEMENT 50 LB. BAG $23.59 307SC7098128 SC-70 ACRYLIC LACQUER SEALER 1 GAL. $91.89 307SC7098640 SC-70 ACRYLIC LACQUER SEALER 5 GAL. PAIL $372.99 !! o PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE EPOXY COAT Ultra-Tough. Protective. Our water-based and 100% solids epoxies are specially formulated for seamless and high build applications. Liquid Granite/Terrazzo and Thin Film: Westcoat's Liquid Granite/Terrazzo and Epoxy Thin Film systems offer superior durability and chemical resistance; perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 100% Solids Epoxy System Water-Based Epoxy System Patch EC-72 Epoxy Patch Gel Primer EC-12 Epoxy Primer EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy Base Coat (Granite/Terrazzo) Top Coat (Thin Film) EC-34 Epoxy Base Coat/Top Coat EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy Chips *Granite/Terrazzo TC-60 Color Chips Top Coat *Granite/Terrazzo EC-32 Epoxy Clear Topcoat EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy Liquid Dazzle: Westcoat's premier epoxy coating system, Liquid Dazzle is engineered with metallic additives that uniquely flow when applied, creating a decorative, durable floor coating. EC-12 Epoxy Primer EC-38 Liquid Dazzle Epoxy WB ACRYLIC SEALER SC-42 High-quality, cost-effective concrete sealer !! o Designed to seal porous concrete, brick, tiles or driveways; handles tire traffic !! o Clear, Semi-gloss non-yellowing sealer !! o Water-based, low odor !! o UV resistant POLYURETHANE TOPCOAT EC-95 Finish coat for moderate to severe chemical environments or heavy traffic areas !! o UV, mar, and chemical resistant !! o For use on industrial, garage, restaurant floors, or food processing facilities !! o Fast-drying: 6 hours PRODUCT NO. PRICE 307EC95K9812 $164.89 EPOXY TOPCOAT EC-32 Used to create seamless industrial floors !! o 100% solids, high-build, high-viscosity, chemical-resistant epoxy !! o In combination with color chips or quartz can be used to create a decorative floor !! o Can be used over textured or acid stained floors oors z PRODUCT NO. PRICE 307EC32K9819 $159.09 BASECOAT CEMENT TC-1 Used with Cement Modifer in the MACoat and Texture Crete systems to resurface, patch and waterproof concrete !! o High-strength, good working time !! o Good freeze/thaw characteristics !! o 50 lb. bag PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 307TC015250 GRAY $18.29 307TC010050 WHITE $18.29 CEMENT MODIFIER High solids acrylic-polymer modifier increases strength, flexibility, and adhesion to most cement-based products !! o Good working time !! o Allows cement products to be feathered !! o Helps to waterproof and increase water resistance !! o No solvents PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 307WP8100128 1GAL WHITE CEMENT MODIFIER $44.89 307WP8100640 5GAL WHITE CEMENT MODIFIER $203.69 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 307SC4298128 1 GAL. $26.49 307SC4298640 5 GAL. $120.69

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