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778 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM Decorative Sealers CONCRETE AND MASONRY IMPREGNATOR For all concrete - decorative and plain !! o Superior stain resistance !! o Non-gloss formula !! o Easy-to-apply !! o Suitable for masonry, pavers and bricks too PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327CMI1G 1 GAL. $174.29 327CMI5G 5 GAL. $668.39 EFFLORESCENCE REMOVER Removes white powdery residue from concrete and brick !! o Safer than muriatic acid !! o Use on plain concrete and decorative concrete, unglazed tile, porous stone, and masonry !! o Also removes grout haze, cement smears, rust stains !! o 1 gallon PRODUCT NO. PRICE 327ER1G $33.49 MULTI-PURPOSE WATER BASE SEALER Medium gloss, clear acrylic waterbase finish to protect and enhance concrete and masonry surfaces !! o Easy-to-apply and maintain !! o Excellent stain resistance !! o Non-yellowing and blush resistant !! o Breathable and durable PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327GNSWB1G 1 GAL. $68.29 327GNSWB5G 5 GAL. $211.69 SAND STABILIZER & PAVER SEALER Easy-to-apply, one-step sealer for interlocking concrete pavers and bricks !! o Locks sand between joints !! o Excellent oil and grease resistance !! o Resists weeds and mildew growth !! o Reduces efflorescence PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327PSS1G 1 GAL. $54.69 327PSS5G 5 GAL. $260.79 WATERBASE "WET LOOK" WB SEALER Protects and beautifies concrete, masonry, concrete pavers and porous tile !! o Enhances and darkens with medium "Wet Look" semi-gloss !! o Stabilizes sand joints and protects pavers !! o Protects against oil, grease and food stains PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327WLII1G 1 GAL. $61.39 327WLII5G 5 GAL. $242.99 CONCRETE AND MASONRY "WET LOOK" LACQUER Rich, durable, long lasting "Wet Look" on all porous surfaces !! o Fast-drying, non-yellowing film that resists all stains and efflorescence !! o GREEN and 2000 versions are LEEDS eligible !! o All sealers available in 55-gallons as special order PRODUCT NO. SIZE DESCRIPTION PRICE 327GNS1G 1 GAL. WET LOOK ORIGINAL $66.89 327GNS5G 5 GAL. WET LOOK ORIGINAL $267.39 327WLGREEN1G 1 GAL. WET LOOK GREEN $78.09 327WLGREEN5G 5 GAL. WET LOOK GREEN $298.39 327WL20001G 1 GAL. WET LOOK 2000 $83.99 327WL20005G 5 GAL. WET LOOK 2000 $298.39 PAINT, SEALER AND COATING STRIPPER Removes today's toughest sealers and coating !! o Removes acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, graffiti, paint, and oil stains !! o For use on concrete, masonry, brick, metal and wood !! o Non-flammable, non-caustic, low-odor solvents PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327GNSS1G 1 GAL. $66.89 327GNSS5G 5 GAL. $271.59 GRIP 'N SEAL SLIP RESISTANT ADDITIVE Improves slip resistance of any coating or paint !! o Add to a coating type sealer or paint to create a textured, slip resistant surface !! o Use on plain concrete and decorative concrete, unglazed tile, porous stone, and masonry !! o 15 ounces PRODUCT NO. PRICE 327GNSSRA $27.29 EXTRA STRENGTH PENETRATING SEALER Natural look protection !! o 8-year guarantee !! o No odor !! o Reduces efflorescence !! o Maximum water repellancy with breathability !! o VOC compliant; water-based on e PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 327NLXSPS1G 1 GAL. $49.59 327NLXSPS5G 5 GAL. $210.49

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