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774 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM Sealers CURESEAL 100 A solvent-borne, clear curing compound and durable sealer !! o Clear finish is resistant to blushing and yellowing !! o Offers excellent curing properties and moisture retention !! o Low-maintenance film improves resistance and durability !! o Contains less than 100 g/L VOC on m PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1261636CMG01 1 GAL. $59.69 1261636CMG05 5 GAL. $292.49 CURESEAL-S Clear curing compound for freshly placed colored or uncolored concrete flatwork and a durable sealer for cementitious surfaces !! o Excellent curing properties and moisture retention !! o Resistant to blushing and yellowing n PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 126164S10000 1 GAL. GLOSS $58.59 126164S50000 5 GAL GLOSS SOLVENT BASE $330.79 SELECTSEAL PLUS A high-solids, low-odor, LEED compatible concrete sealer designed to protect interior concrete floors !! o VOC <100 g/L, low odor !! o High solids provides superior coverage and protection !! o Abrasion resistance is superior to most solvent-borne sealers !! o Certified to meet UL 410 for Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials, and can meet ANSI, ASTM and NFSI traction standards n 0 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 126164500001 1 GAL. $89.99 12616450005 5 GAL. $427.39 CEMENTONE CLEAR SEALER Waterborne sealer for protecting colored or uncolored concrete and cementitious toppings !! o Low VOC, environmentally sound, green building material !! o Low gloss !! o Reduces dusting PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 126463001000 1 GAL. $39.39 126463005000 5 GAL. $185.69 SURFACE SHINE High-gloss acrylic sealer !! o Protects stamped, acid stained, and integrally colored concrete, and exposed aggregate !! o Minimizes efflorescence !! o Protects sealed surfaces from damaging effects of deicing salts and acid rain !! o Will not yellow under extreme UV exposure r n PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 255SFSHBREX1 1 GAL. SURFACE SHINE BROWN EX $49.09 255SFSHBREX5 5 GAL. SURFACE SHINE BROWN EX $240.09 255SFSHEX1 1 GAL. SURFACE SHINE EX $51.79 255SFSHEX5 5 GAL. SURFACE SHINE EX $215.89 255SFSHEX55 55 GAL. SURFACE SHINE EX CFQ 255SSHINE5 5 GAL. SURFACE SHINE SEALER $155.19 255SSHINE55 55 GAL. SURFACE SHINE SEALER CFQ SPECSHIELD WB Silane-siloxane water-based penetrating sealer !! o Provides excellent chloride screen !! o Excellent water repellency while maintaining breathability !! o VOC compliant - water-based !! o Reduces the effects of freeze-thaw cycling and weathering !! o Long-lasting protections for new and old concrete surfaces !! o Dries tack-free and skid resistant !! o Colorless and non-yellowing PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 255SSHIELD1 1 GAL. $30.39 255SSHIELDWB 5 GAL. $151.39 255SSHIELD55 55 GAL. CFQ AQUASHINE High-solids, water-based acrylic sealer !! o For interior and exterior use on exposed aggregate, natural stone, brick, and other concrete surfaces !! o Non-yellowing, low odor, durable, water-based VOC compliant !! o Minimizes efflorescence !! o Protects sealed surfaces from damaging effects of deicing salts and acid rain !! o Provides resistance to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals and oils !! o Acts as a binder to minimize aggregate pop-out or, durable, water based e PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 255AQUASHN1 1 GAL. $46.99 255AQUASHINE 5 GAL. $194.99 CRYSTAL SHINE SEALER High-gloss sealer brings out radiance and luster of surface !! o Ideal for stained concrete, exposed aggregate, walkways, and pool decks !! o Dust proofs concrete with a tough, durable film !! o Will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure !! o Available in regular or low VOC formulas g er PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 255CSHINEHS1 1 GAL. CRYSTAL SHINE $69.09 255CSHINE5 5 GAL. CRYSTAL SHINE $248.79 255CSHINECA1 1 GAL. LOW VOC $45.49 255CSHINECA5 5 GAL. LOW VOC $248.79 CURESEAL-W A waterborne, clear curing compound and sealer !! o Designed for use on existing or freshly placed interior or exterior concrete where uniform color and stain resistance is required immediately after placement !! o Clear, semi-gloss coating !! o Formulated to meet ASTM C 309 requirements for Liquid Membrane- Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete !! o VOC is <100 g/L (0.82 lbs./gal.) !! o For interior and exterior use g PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 126164101000 1 GAL. $42.89 126164W5000 5 GAL. $278.49

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