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HARDENERS RELEASES SEALERS STAINS BLUSH-TONE ACID STAIN Chemical stain for concrete !! o Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain penetrates the very top layer of the concrete surface with color that will not chip, crack, or peel !! o The colors produced in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a permanent part of the concrete !! o Available in ten standard colors !! o 1 gallon PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 191CS100 JADE $73.89 191CS1000 WALNUT $73.89 191CS200 TURQUOISE $73.89 191CS300 COFFEE $73.89 191CS400 CARAMEL $73.89 191CS500 MAHOGANY $73.89 191CS600 EBONY $73.89 191CS700 MISSION BROWN $73.89 191CS800 AMBER $73.89 191CS900 OLIVE $73.89 LIQUID RELEASE Colorless bond-breaker for concrete texturing !! o Easy-to-apply liquid !! o Prolongs tool life !! o Interior or exterior use !! o Apply with sprayer !! o 5 gallons PRODUCT NO. PRICE 191FMLR5 $148.99 GEM-SEAL High-gloss, UV-resistant, lacquer-based "wet-look" Sealer !! o Use on porous concrete to form a shield against stains and mildew !! o Tough enough to withstand the extremes of areas subject to freeze-thaw !! o Non-yellowing, crystal clear !! o Dries to a wet-look finish !! o Interior/exterior use !! o Enhances color PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 191GS1 1 GAL. VOC 400 $74.59 191GS5 5 GAL. VOC 400 $284.09 191GS1100 1 GAL. VOC 100 $92.49 191GS5100 5 GAL. VOC 100 $333.79 ANTIQUE RELEASE AGENT Color release agent !! o Specially formulated, colored powder, made with the finest ultraviolet-resistant pigments available !! o Greatly aids the finishing process by preventing freshly placed concrete from adhering to texture mats !! o Provides limitless color combinations for the antiquing of decorative concrete surfaces !! o Interior and exterior uses !! o Variegated multi-colored appearance !! o 30 lbs. PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 191RA100 DARK GRAY $78.29 191RA1010 SMOKE BEIGE $78.29 191RA1035 SUMMER BEIGE $78.29 191RA1040 WEATHERED SAGE $78.29 191RA1055 PECOS SAND $78.29 191RA1065 QUARRY RED $78.29 191RA1070 SANDY BUFF $78.29 191RA1080 ADOBE BUFF $78.29 191RA1090 SUN BUFF $78.29 191RA200 MEDIUM GRAY $78.29 191RA300 NUTMEG $78.29 191RA310 CREAM BEIGE $78.29 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 191RA350 DESERT TAN $78.29 191RA375 BUFF TAN $78.29 191RA400 CHESTNUT $78.29 191RA425 AUTUMN BROWN $78.29 191RA515 SUNBAKED CLAY $78.29 191RA550 BRICK RED $78.29 191RA600 LIGHT GRAY $78.29 191RA615 STONE GRAY $78.29 191RA700 TERRACOTTA $78.29 191RA810 WALNUT $78.29 191RA815 FRENCH GRAY $78.29 COLOR HARDENER Colored topping and hardener for new concrete surfaces !! o When used with Brickform Texture Mats and Antique Release, produces a beautiful, long-lasting colored and textured concrete floor !! o Non-fading color !! o Fine composition means smooth, easy troweling !! o Interior and exterior uses !! o 63 lbs. PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 191CH1010 SMOKEY BEIGE $46.99 191CH1030 ASH WHITE $46.99 191CH1035 SUMMER BEIGE $46.99 191CH1050 ANTIQUE CORK $46.99 191CH1055 PECOS SAND $46.99 191CH1065 QUARRY RED $46.99 191CH1070 SANDY BUFF $46.99 191CH1080 ADOBE BUFF $46.99 191CH1090 SUN BUFF $46.99 191CH200 MEDIUM GRAY $46.99 191CH250 OYSTER WHITE $46.99 191CH310 CREAM BEIGE $46.99 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 191CH320 GOLDEN SANDSTONE $46.99 191CH325 SANDSTONE $46.99 191CH350 DESERT TAN $46.99 191CH375 BUFF TAN $46.99 191CH425 AUTUMN BROWN $46.99 191CH500 TILE RED $46.99 191CH515 SUNBAKED CLAY $46.99 191CH600 LIGHT GRAY $46.99 191CH615 STONE GRAY $46.99 191CH700 TERRA COTTA $46.99 191CH735 CAPPUCCINO $46.99 191CH810 WALNUT $46.99 773 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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