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772 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies SM DECORATIVE RELEASES HARDENERS STAINS LITHOCHROME COLOR HARDENER Produces an extremely hard and durable surface that will hold up under the most demanding conditions !! o Superior density and abrasion-resistance !! o High-opacity color !! o Increased resistance to de-icing salts !! o Improved durability in freeze/thaw conditions !! o UV resistance !! o Cost-effective results LITHOCHROME ANTIQUING RELEASE Antiquing release is a powdered, colored bond breaker for use when stamping concrete or cementitious toppings !! o Produces a mottled, antiqued appearance that accents the depth of the pattern and adds realistic natural-looking color variations to patterns !! o Creates antique effects that add depth to concrete surface !! o Prevents tools from sticking !! o Average coverage: 3 - 4 lbs./100 ft. (coverage rates will vary with pattern and color) !! o For use on freshly placed concrete or stampable cementitious toppings !! o 25 lb. pail Quarter Page Filler Ad REVIVE EXTERIOR CONCRETE STAIN Improve the appearance of existing, unsealed exterior colored or uncolored concrete surfaces !! o Color Refresher becomes part of the surface, the resulting look approximates the appearance of newly placed concrete !! o Excellent curing properties and moisture retention !! o Helps protect against staining !! o Resistant to abrasion, freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts and many chemicals !! o Will not blush or turn yellow with age !! o Easy to clean and maintain !! o Coverage: Typically 100 - 300 sq.ft. per gallon depending on the porosity of the concrete !! o Apply full strength without thinning !! o Properly prepare surfaces; remove all existing sealers and cures with LITHOCHROME Coating Remover, then pressure wash with a minimum of 2,000 psi !! o One coat generally provides a natural look PRODUCT NO. SIZE COLOR PRICE 126775C12G1 1 GAL. MESA BEIGE $193.89 126775C34G1 1 GAL. DARK GRAY $180.19 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 12602665033 50 LB. BAG ASH WHITE $55.79 12602665044 50 LB. BKT ASH WHITE $55.79 12605685044 50 LB. BKT BLUSH BEIGE $55.79 12611395033 50 LB. BAG BURBERRY BEIGE $55.79 12611395044 50 LB. BKT BURBERRY BEIGE $55.79 12636115033 50 LB. BAG OYSTER WHITE $55.79 12646305044 50 LB. BKT SANDSTONE CREAM $55.79 12649485033 50 LB. BAG SMOKE BEIGE $55.79 12649485044 50 LB. BKT SMOKE BEIGE $55.79 12651835044 50 LB. BKT STONE GRAY $55.79 12657585044 50 LB. BKT WEATHERED SAGE $55.79 12659215033 50 LB. BAG WALNUT $55.79 12659215044 50 LB. BKT WALNUT $55.79 126111044710 60 LB. BAG SADDLE BROWN $58.59 126111091139 60 LB. BAG BURBERRY BEIGE $58.59 126111094617 60 LB. BAG SANDSTONE BEIGE $58.59 126111095952 60 LB. BAG WARM CORK $58.59 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 126141026625 ASH WHITE $95.69 126141051025 BLACK $95.69 126141053239 MUTED GREEN ANTIQUE $95.69 126141056825 BLUSH BEIGE $95.69 126141361125 OYSTER WHITE $95.69 126141447125 SADDLE BROWN $95.69 126141494825 SMOKE BEIGE $95.69 126141518325 STONE GRAY $95.69 126141592125 WALNUT $95.69 1261410A2125 DEEP CHARCOAL $95.69 1261410A5725 PLATINUM GRAY $95.69 1261410A5925 BEIGE CREAM $95.69 1261410A2425 RUSSET $95.69 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 1261410A2525 LA CRESCENTA BROWN $95.69 1261410A2625 BRICK RED $95.69 1261410A2725 DARK RED $95.69 1261410A2825 TILE RED $95.69 1261410A2925 TERRA COTTA $95.69 1261410A3325 CLASSIC GRAY $95.69 1261410A5025 SLATE GRAY $95.69 1261410A5125 STEADMAN BUFF $95.69 1261410A5325 ARIZONA TAN $95.69 1261410A5525 PECAN TAN $95.69 IT'S HERE! OUR CATALOG HAS BEEN DIGITIZED Quarter Pa Give our new eCatalog a try by visiting www.WhiteCap.com/eCatalog !! o Enhanced search for quick product browsing and navigation !! o Share capability allows you to 'crop' and email products !! o 'Add to Cart' straight from our eCatalog to WhiteCap.com !! o Ability to create PDFs of specific page ranges !! o Page(s) can be bookmarked !! o Works on mobile tablets and smartphones E-CATALOG FEATURES Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the opportunity to try our newest tool! Your success is our success!

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