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CURING BLANKETS TAPE CUREs REFLECTIVE CONCRETE BLANKETS !! o Designed to provide better insulation !! o Trap heat generated by hydration of cement !! o Insulate new concrete from cold temperatures !! o Contact your local store for more on the blankets best suited for your region CLOSED CELL NON-REFLECTIVECURING BLANKETS PRODUCT NO. R-VALUE SIZE PRICE 113NT13L6 2.8 6' X 25' $66.99 113NT13L 1.80 12' X 25' $111.29 CLOSED CELL FOAM CURING BLANKET PRODUCT NO. R-VALUE SIZE PRICE 113MCW5116 5.11 6' X 25' CFQ 113MCW511 5.11 12' X 25' CFQ SPACE AGE BUBBLE CURING BLANKETS PRODUCT NO. R-VALUE SIZE PRICE 113MWCB7746 7.74 6' X 25' CFQ 113MWCB774 7.74 12' X 25' CFQ WCE CONCRETE CURE The low-cost replacement to water cure !! o Sprays on easily in minutes !! o Equal to 14 day water cure !! o Eliminates cure-related concrete cracking !! o Bond breaker can be applied the same day !! o Costs only 3-5 cents per square foot !! o No more blankets to transport, clean, repair store !! o Compatible with all flooring and surface treatments !! o No 3-7 day delays PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 256WCE05 5 GAL. $202.79 256WCE55 55 GAL. CFQ WHITE BURLENE CURING BLANKET Combination of poly and burlap !! o Reusable !! o Burlap distributes water evenly !! o Poly reflects the intense rays of the sun !! o No need for rewetting or resealing !! o After each use, expose burlap side to the sun or air and the burlap will dry and be ready to use again quickly !! o 10' x 100' PRODUCT NO. PRICE 483CURELAP $180.29 BURLAP CURING BLANKETS Allows for periodic lapses in sprinkling method of curing !! o Can also be used to roughen fresh concrete surfaces by wet dragging !! o Ensures uniform dispersion !! o Available in a variety of sizes and weights PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT SIZE PRICE 2626300R 7 OZ./SQ.YD 6' X 300' CFQ 262R610075OZ 7.5 OZ./SQ.YD 6' X 100' CFQ 262BURLAP4 7.5 OZ./SQ.YD 12' X 100' CFQ 26250711 10 OZ./SQ.YD (PRICE PER SF) 5' X 300' CFQ COTTON CURING BLANKET 15 pound !! o Provides an easy, economic, and effective way to maintain proper moisture !! o Ensures optimal results on every project !! o 5' x 22' PRODUCT NO. PRICE 483CUREBLKT $25.19 POLYETHYLENE TAPE 921CW 2" x 36 yds., 5 mil, clear !! o Selfwound polyethylene tape !! o High tack !! o Conformable PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121921CW $5.49 767 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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