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766 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies Page Header Goes Here SM !! o PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE C O N C R E T E S L A B S - O N - G R O U N D PRACTICAL INNOVATION. PROVEN PERFORMANCE. Reduces cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs Increases concrete strength and durability Reduces permeability of concrete Improves abrasion resistance Materials Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure S16 and M5 covers have smooth fibers that will not disintegrate and stick to the slab surface. When efflorescence occurs in specific environmental conditions. the covers may appear to stick; however inorganic covers retain their integrity when re-wet and can be easily removed. HydraCure covers will not stain the slab, leave behind any residue, rot or mildew during storage. HydraCure S16 - Single-use covers are a blend of rayon and polyester fibers that evenly wick water across the slab. The white cover on HydraCure S16 enables installers to easily locate and eliminate air bubbles to prevent blotching. HydraCure M5 - Multi-use cover, a proven industry standard, that provides optimal curing and can be used again and again. HYDRACURE COVERS SINGLE- ANDMULTI-USE MOISTURECURINGCOVERS Cost-Effective HydraCure S16 covers are the most affordable single-use moisture curing products on the market. With a roll width of 10.5 feet (3.15 meters), they provide more than a six percent material savings per 2 feet (.6 meters) of roll width and minimize installation time. The single-use covers are individually bagged to protect product stored outside on a partial pallet. HydraCure M5 can be rinsed easily, rolled up and reused up to 20 times if cleaned and stored properly. Product P erformance Characteristics: Delivers optimal concrete hydration with the non-woven fabric coated with a white-pigmented polyethylene film that traps and retains water on the slab and provides a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover Prevents excessive heat buildup and ensures optimal drying rates with the white UV-resistant film that reflects the sun's heat away from the slab's surface Ideal for a range of weather conditions by offering reflective properties; the covers can also be used indoors Delivers a residue-free slab, so HydraCure covers are the best solution for use with surface treatments Easy to roll out and lie flat on the slab as they are shipped in rolls with the fabric side out, reducing the blotchy appearance created by other curing sheets Handling and placement is effortless without compromising the water-wicking qualities as inorganic covers are 20 percent lighter in dry base weight than cellulose products; and they are the only moisture curing cover we recommend for use with shrinkage compensating concrete (SCC) floors Manufactured in the USA Effortless handling and placement Easy to roll out and lay flat on the slab HydraCure covers ensure a gradual, uniform and controlled curing environment for concrete slabs-on-ground. By keeping the water where you want it, on the slab surface , HydraCure covers provide optimal hydration at an affordable price. Use single-use HydraCure covers when slab appearance is critical to your customer. Proper Curini T H E N O M I N A L J O I N T D E S I G N If the facility usage and/or aesthetics dictates a reduction in the number of joints, the nominal joint design is a reliable and cost-effective option to reduce saw- cut contraction joints and deliver a reliable, high-performance floor. This design allows for extended joint spacing through a combination of PNA macro fibers for crack-width control and PNA tapered plate dowels for joint stability. PNA moisture curing covers provide improved abrasion resistance. T H E " S T R A T E G I C R E I N F O R C E M E N T " D E S I G N The "strategic reinforcement" design is a performance-based, cost-effective design for interior and exterior concrete flatwork exposed to wheeled traffic. Applicable to a broad variety of facility types, this design is used by owners worldwide. By removing steel from the mid-panel and placing PNA tapered plate dowels where steel is actually needed, at the joints, you optimize materials and minimize joint spalling and random cracking. PNA moisture curing covers deliver improved abrasion resistance. H Y D R A C U R E C U R I N G C O V E R S A R E P A R T O F Available at HD Supply-White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 HYDRACURE COVERS SINGLE- ANDMULTI-USE MOISTURECURINGCOVERS HYDRACURE COVERS SINGLE- ANDMULTI-USE MOISTURECURINGCOVERS

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